Thursday, November 1, 2007

What A Difference One Year Makes! by DL Larson

A year ago, my second book was a crisp newborn. Promises To Keep was available for the first time at The Kentucky Book Expo in Frankfort, November 10, 2006. Thinking back, I remember I had a box shipped to a friend because the publishing house was closer to her than to me and time was running out for my new book to make the book expo date. So I met my newborn on the steps of Margie's front porch.

I still remember holding that book, relieved it had arrived safe, with no chapters missing ~ an equivalent to counting fingers and toes! The clones in the box were all just as pristine and ready for new homes.

The Kentucky Book Expo is a big, big fair and I had had to be accepted in order to participate. My books have a Kentucky setting and the panel of directors accepted both my books. But the powers that be said they could not get my first novel, Memories Trail, and that I should bring both sets of books with me. Twenty copies of each would be sufficient. I was a very happy author hearing that news.

So I lugged my boxes to the fair, along with my easel and large posters. I had promotional material to hand out, bookmarks, business cards. I was ready to sell, sell, sell!

And I did. I also hauled much of it back home. Oh, I sold several books and had a wonderful time talking with folks and other authors. But what I noticed was many of the authors had arrived with only a briefcase. They didn't have to bring their own books and I longed for the day when my books would be waiting for me.

This year I was invited to the Western Kentucky Book Fair. When I asked about bringing my books, the Barnes & Noble rep said, "Oh, I have twenty copies of each book. So you just come on down and join us. Everything will be all set up for you when you get here."

I love Kentucky hospitality! And I really enjoy the fact that my books are so readily available now. I'm not foolish enough to think this might happen everywhere I go. My books are ready to move out at a moment's notice.

... but a girl can dream.

Still, what a difference one year makes!

Til next time ~


Mark your calendar: Meet DL Larson & Morgan Mandel at the Schaumburg Barnes & Noble book signing ... on Thursday, November 29th, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

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