Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nine Months before R Day by Margot Justes

That would be Nine Months before the Release of my book. I thought I’d share with you my efforts to market A Hotel in Paris prior to the release date.

My Web Gal is adding an events page to my website, since I have already firmly lined up four events for 2008. She also created a spot for reviews, it cannot be seen yet, but it will appear alongside the text.

My Web Guy came up with a unique idea for a book trailer, which will be under construction soon. This is the perfect spot to segway to Mr. Tom Jones.

If anyone out there has a connection to Tom Jones, please let me know. I sent
a request to his agent for permission to use his “You’re My World” in the book trailer.
It has only been three weeks, but so far no response.

I have also spoken to all the local Borders and Barnes and Noble, both here and in Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana and as well as independent bookstores, and have received a yes from everyone I’ve approached. To firm things up, I need to talk to them again three months prior to the release.

I found a niche market with Art Galleries, and art shows, which I will actively pursue in the beginning of the year.

I have people distributing bookmarks coast to coast, and some bookmarks even found their way to Montenegro. I am working on a connection for Paris, however tenuous I am going to actively pursue it.

I am considering advertising in Romance Sells, a quarterly publication for Booksellers and Librarians, as well as CrimeSpree and elsewhere...

If anyone has other ideas, please share.


Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris
Echelon Press LLC

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