Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall Means Winter, So Get Cyber-Prepared - By Morgan Mandel

This is coming to you from the North Woods of Wisconsin. It's my last vacation of the season, which means closing down the cottage before I leave. This vacation brings mixed feelings as I take in the beautiful fall colors and breathe in the crisp, cool air. Right now I can walk around comfortably wearing a light jacket or sweater. The problem is, I know it won't be long before I'll need to bundle up. The days will be shorter and darker. It won't always be as easy to negotiate sidewalks and roads.

While I'm indoors, besides watching more television, I'll be on my computer writing and e-mailing and connecting with people through cyber space. While you're doing the same thing, you may wish to check out a few places of interest. (Or you may even wish to go to them now so you can get into the habit of checking them.)

One spot is my other group blog, where I've started a series called Back to Basics. I've posted a few excerpts here on this link. To view the entire collection, past and future (I post there on Wednesdays also) you're invited to visit where I blog with other mystery writers from Hard Shell Word Factory.

Besides my Back to Basics series about writing fundamentals, you'll also find another series called Forensic Fridays, by Michele Bardsley, plus individual blogs by other of our mystery authors, covering a variety of topics.

The book network which I began less than a year ago, called Book Place, can be found at It's alive and growing, with 829 members at last count. If you haven't joined, please do so. It's a wonderful palce for promotion and bonding with writers, readers and book industry professionals. It's great for gaining insight and input from people around the globe. I'm constantly amazed by how far the network reaches, even to such places like Australia and Germany.

MySpace is still a popular hangout. If you haven't already done so, please friend me.

As always, I'm constantly updating my website. You never know what you'll find on my dark side or my light side at You're more than welcome to drop in and find out.

Now, back to taking in the colors and enjoying the last of my vacations for the year.

All the best,

Morgan Mandel

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