Monday, September 3, 2007

In Labor Day

Okay, okay, I'm just as impressed as any guy about it. Jeez. Don't hold it over our heads.

I mean, sure, I appreciate the day off and everything, but I just don't get why we should grill steaks and celebrate it. Just weird, if you ask me, and probably most other guys feel the same way, too.

Still though, it was a beautiful day, and it was nice to be home on a Monday... but now it's time to blog, so I figured I'd ask the questions.

I mean, September makes sense, after all... it's the ninth month, right?

It still strikes me as a bit strange to celebrate pain.

And believe me, if the shoe was in the other foot, or the uterus in the.. well,... you get the point. Anyway, no guy that I know would ever go through the pain of childbirth. I mean, if it were up to us guys, we'd die out as a species.

So maybe I'm being a bit hasty.

Maybe we should allow for this. Make it a holiday, if it were. Celebrate what has to happen in the creation of life.

So with this in mind...

Happy Labor Day.

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