Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Still not on the road

But edging closer. Spent this evening in a meeting planning this year's Love is Murder mystery/dark fiction/romantic suspense conference. This one will be good--a full Novelist's Boot Camp, Tess Geritsen, Librarians gone wild, Lee Child, guns, knives, books, Robert W. Walker among the living, blood and sex...sounds like a party. It's all at -- or soon will be at -- www.loveismurder.net.
Major event last weekend--Chicagoland Highland games. Damn hot day. Cooler in my kilt. Do you really want to know why? Heard Mother Grove play--they're just the best Kilt Rock band in the business.
Major event this weekend at Schaumburg Authorfest then again the next day at local author day at Anderson's bookstore.
Major event tomorrow night--I just might get some sleep.

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