Saturday, June 23, 2007

AuthorFest by Margot Justes

You know that saying 'A funny thing happened to me on the way'...well, here is my story. I was scheduled to go to the AuthorFest in Schaumburg this Saturday as a spectator. I was going to observe other authors in action, on panels, promoting their craft, selling their books, the stuff that an author has to do to sell the books that they write. I was going there to learn.

The Schaumburg Library opens at 10:00, we get there a bit early to meet others already there, get acquainted and network a bit. All of this happened in the parking lot. Did I mention the Library opens at 10:00, and we couldn't get in. In fact it was a delightful interlude, the rain was drizzling, but hardly anyone noticed.

Precisely at nine thirty this morning I found out I was going to be on a panel, my first one ever. Panic set in, I had no idea what questions were going to be asked, I hadn't seen anything, I was just supposed to watch and learn, I wasn't prepared. What an exciting and terrifying prospect. Did I do it? You bet I did, and had a blast. It was an awesome experience.

I would highly recommend that readers attend this remarkable conference next year. I have never been to the Schaumburg Library, it is fantastic, it is huge yet absolutely charming and the program that was put together was incredible, many well know authors attended and it was absolutely free. What more could one ask...

Till next Saturday
Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris
Echelon Press, June 2008


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed meeting you at the Author Fest!

Margot Justes said...

It was a pleasure meeting you too...

Deb Larson said...

I'm so glad you went to the Authorfest ... I didn't sign up because I had a previous commitment and then it got cancelled. But I'm glad you got to be on a panel!!