Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh my gosh it's Wednesday!

Despite auto reminders, Todd and I spaced blogging last night. Could it be that we've taken on too much? Some would say this is the norm for writers. Taking on too much, driven by the need to get recognition for their talent.

After a very busy weekend that included the Schaumburg Authorfest where we ran into most of the other bloggers on this blog I guess we were just a bit braindead from all the uptime in promoting Todd's books and connecting with other authors/writers.

Todd often talks about Taking Care of the Troops in the writing process and I think we sometimes forget to do that for ourselves. We did however pack our gym bags and head to the gym in Schaumburg after the Authorfest and I was so glad Todd wanted to do this. Working out regularly makes a great difference in our we cope with the pressues of each day and all the demands that having full-time jobs and writing on the side brings.

Although just to show you how we humans can get into a routine, the Schaumburg facility of our gym chain is the mirror image of the one we normally use. We kept trying to turn in directions that weren't where we wanted to go. Even the locker rooms were reversed and we almost went in the wrong ones. Glad we were 'awake' enough after a long day to stop ourselves.

Now that would have been an interesting story!

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