Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrate Your Independence! by DL Larson

Happy 4th of July, everyone! 

My plans today are simple; I plan to pack for our weekend trip with our granddaughters, check my raspberry patch and maybe pick some for freezing, but I will mostly nibble til my fingers turn pink. I basically want to do nothing today, which means sit back and read something yummy.  Finally my family and I will trek down to a nearby town to watch the fireworks.

Last week the Chicago Tribune Parade had 'America 101 quiz' for their readers. The one I want to share is the American literary quiz.  See how many you know.  I'll post the answers in the comment section.

The answers:  a. Plum   b. Raisin   c. Mango   d. Grape   e. Huckleberry
Fill in the correct answer:
1.  The House on ________ Street, by Sandra Cisneros
2. The ______s of Wrath, by John Steinbeck
3. On the Banks of ________Creek, by Laura Ingalls Wilder
4.  The Adventures of ______ Finn, by Mark Twain
5.  A _____ in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry

Is there a book you would have included in this list?  A poem, perhaps?  Something non-fruity?
Take a moment and tell us!

No matter how you celebrate this day, be safe and remember WHY we have the day off.  Freedom is not free.  Many before us have given much to protect our freedoms. 

Now go light a sparkler to celebrate!

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Deb Larson said...

Answers to the American 101 Quiz from the Chicago Tribune:
1. The House on MANGO Street
2. The GRAPES of Wrath
3. On the Banks of PLUM Creek
4. Adventures of HUCKLEBERRY Finn
5. A RAISIN in the Sun

How did you do?

Morgan Mandel said...

I only knew a few of the answers. Glad you posted them all so I could see what they were!

Happy 4th of July!

Morgan Mandel

Debra St. John said...

Oooh, yay! I got them all right!

There's a book called "A Mango- Shaped Space" about a girl with synesthesia. (Although you already have a mango one...) :)

Deb Larson said...

Who'd thunk it? Two books with Mango in the title!!
Happy 4th!