Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Urban Hot Weather Tips Redux

I'm sharing here a post originally published on my personal blog, Double M's Take on Books, Blogs, Networking and Life, when I worked in Downtown Chicago. It shows ways to beat the heat in an urban environment, and these days in the Chicago area, it is very hot! I've noticed the same can be said for other areas of the U.S.

You may think that the Midwest is cool. Well, maybe compared to somewhere like Arizona it is. Still, in the Summer it can get mighty hot, especially this Summer.

From my many years of working in Chicago, specifically the Downtown Loop, I devised a few tips for keeping cool. These are not scientific, but they worked for me.

Maybe you’ll want to try one or two.

Shade – Not too many trees in Downtown Chicago, so I always looked for shade in whatever form I could find. When needs be, when waiting for a light to change, I’d even stand in the shade of a street light, another person, or a building.

Cut Throughs – When you work in a metropolitan area, there are various air conditioned buildings you can cut through, such as banks, drug stores, restaurants, or office buildings. A knowledge of their entrances and exits comes in handy. Sometimes you can not only cool off, but also save time and steps by using a cut through. If you can't cut through, you can always stop in a building for a few seconds and pretend to be looking for something, then cut out. At least you're cooled for a bit.

Time – Allow yourself extra time if you can. Rushing in the heat can make you hotter than ever.

Water – Bring a water bottle with, enough for you to chug when extra thirsty, but not so heavy you’ll wish you didn’t have to carry it. In my working days, I'd fill the bottle halfway up so it didn't weigh me down. When I got to the office, I refilled it for the trip home. While at the office, I drank water also to stay hydrated. Speaking of water, putting your hands under a faucet is another way to cool down at work where you really can’t be taking showers or baths, unless you work at a gym.

Clothing – Wear layers. I wore something light, but brought a sweater anyway, since I never knew what temperature the air conditioning on the commuter train or at work would be set at. Slinging a sweater over the shoulders or tying around the waist while walking is cooler than wearing one.

So, those are my tips for keeping cool. 

What are yours, urban or otherwise? Or, maybe you'd like to share something about a book you've written or read where hot weather or trying to keep cool plays a part. 

I've got a water bottle in
my red tote in this picture.

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Debra St. John said...

Great tips, Morgan. It really has been toasty here these days.

Hmn? In one of my books the hero and heroine go skinny dipping to try to beat the heat! :) (Of course they then generate some of their own heat!)

Deb Larson said...

Great ideas, Morgan. Keeping cool has become quite the challenge. But better than a rainy summer! :)
DL Larson

Mike Bove said...

One can tell the golfers in AZ who live in AZ. They're the ones parking, standing, and trying to hit the ball into the shade.
I often wipe my face and neck with a wet towel.

Morgan Mandel said...

I can hardly wait for the weekend when it will be a little cooler. We have air conditioning, but it still seems too warm. The humidity is way up there.

The nights are even hot, and we don't feel like doing anything outdoors at any time!

Morgan Mandel

Margot Justes said...

I just stayed home.
You look ready for anything.