Thursday, January 24, 2013

Making It Happen, One Step At A Time by DL Larson

I've been researching self-publishing for awhile now.  I know there will be much work involved in order to self-publish, but I worked hard with my other books as well.  Making a decision to pursue was one step, talking to real people and making the commitment to publish was the next big step.  It's time to gather the needed essentials that go into a book.  My book.

So I begin.  I want to share with you just exactly what I will be doing as this process unfolds.  I'm a little freaked that I've decided to venture into this new way of publishing, but the folks I'm working with are readily available.  Example:  I send an email with a question, my gal, Megan, picks up the phone to answer my question.  I like that. 

As I begin gathering the needed items, I realize I don't have a review for the back cover.  The contract states I should have all my paperwork in order before I send my manuscript and everything that goes with it to them.  I don't want to proceed without a review.  Before I have time to wrestle with this dilemma, Megan calls me.  Reviews are the exception to the rule.  Getting a review takes time.  It's part of the publishing process and I don't have to wait until I have a review in hand in order to proceed.

Whew!  Hurdle #1 has just been knocked down.  I'm feeling much better and now have time to pursue a review for my book.  If I have to wait for a few months, I can still add a review when I get it.  I have a say in how my book will look.  I have a say in the words, quotes, etc. that will be on the back of my book or inside it if I choose to add additional reviews.  I'm liking this process more and more.

So, my "To Do" list this week consists of the following:

- update my author BIO
- polish my Acknowledgment page
- rework my back cover page
- have my Title page ready to go - with an excerpt from a reviewer on my last book
- have my Characters Family History page in order
- add my 'Note From the Author' page to the list - this includes a national suicide hotline number
- be sure my manuscript is ready for submission
- fill out my contract with my new publishers
- be ready to send $$ to them - I'm not as worried about this as I was in the beginning.
- make a list of book covers I admire or the style I prefer.  This is actually difficult for me.  I'll know it when I see it - does that make sense to anyone?  I have a few picked out, a smidge of an idea, but I need more time to ponder this.
- and a picture of myself in pdf form

All too quickly I realize the manuscript is the only thing truly ready for publication.  All the wrappings around it have yet to be fine-tuned.  But thankfully, these are small tasks and I feel confident I can accomplish them fairly quickly.

The one thing I opted out of was to not have my book edited.  I already did that more than a year ago.  Two in fact!  Thank you to Helen G. for doing such a fabulous job and making me believe my book was great and needed to be published!

Included in my contract is the option of having my book put in e-book format.  I agreed to this option.  It is an additional cost, but I believe it will be beneficial in today's market.  I've also chosen the package that includes PR opportunities, press release packets, a website and several other professional-type options that will include a beautiful cover. 

So, I've begun this new journey.  I'm excited and intimidated at the same time.  And somehow, I feel grown up making these decisions all by myself.  Which is silly, I know, I've made all other decisions about my book on my own.  This feels different. 

Next week ... I have no clue what will happen.  I'll let you know then.  Any advice from those who have already been down this road is highly encouraged!  Tell us how self-publishing has gone for you.

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Debra St. John said...

Hi Deb,

It sure seems like you have a handle on things. I always like a checklist of what remains to be done. There is great satisfaction in checking things off as they are accomplished.

Good luck with this venture. It is quite an undertaking. I am in awe of those who tackle it. I can't wait to read the book!

Deb Larson said...

Thanks - I've been sitting on it far too long!
DL Larson

Margot Justes said...

Good luck.