Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Voices Within by Margot Justes

I've noticed that anytime I do something mundane I hear voices. Not only voices but dialog, darn good conversations. It used to scare the proverbial living daylights out of me. Now, I look forward to them because not only do they wind up in my stories, but they are fun. I like my imaginary characters.

It is in essence an escape from reality. I'll be a full time writer next year and as the saying goes, I have one foot out the door at work. I'm retiring from my paying job. The thing that I want most is to be able to say to myself that I'm a full time writer.
Once I've reached that decision and have something that I truly love waiting for me, there is a sense of freedom. The sameness is slowly ebbing away, and excitement builds for what's ahead. Now I to want to push the time forward, but still enjoy the coming holiday season with friends and family.

I started to think about my brand, visibility in the magic world of the web-have to connect the Mr. Gore's internet tubes-they seem to be pretty darn long. I want it set up so that after I retire I'll know what I'm doing, well, at least know more than I do now. Any progress in that direction would be an improvement. I'm even thinking of joining the 21st century and get a smart phone. Next year...first I have to remember to keep the one I have on.
All this electronic connectivity is not my thing. People can't even enjoy lunch or dinner without their gizmos. Is there something that is so important that you would text yourself off a cliff, or fall into a well or get run over? Is it so important that you can't even hold a conversation with a friend without an electronic interruption? Maybe I'm missing something...

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Debra St. John said...


I couldn't agree more about the gizmos. Some people have their noses in them all the time. I always think, hey, you're missing out on the real world here.

And as authors, I think we need to worry when the voices in our heads STOP talking! :)

Morgan Mandel said...

Those voices are usually around at the oddest times, and then I have to remember what they've said until I can get them down either on a piece of paper or into a computer.

Take it from me. You'll find once you've retired, the time will go by so fast, you won't have as much of it as you thought you would. I'm still always playing catchup. Maybe I try to do too much.

Morgan Mandel