Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Can Make An Impact

When you least expect it, you can make an impact. Last week, when I stood on my back stoop, I noticed a June bug. They always seem to appear in the wrong month, but I digress.

The stoop was wet. The bug lay on its backside, with its tiny legs flailing. I could have ignored its plight. Maybe it would have righted itself. Maybe it wouldn't have. It might have been just another bug trying to have a life and not succeeding.

I thought for a moment, then went back inside. I tore off a small piece of typing paper and went back out. Ever so gently I placed the paper under the bug, taking care not to get any of its tiny legs squashed in the process. Then I slowly lifted the bug up, turned the paper over and placed it on top of a nearby piece of vegetation. It didn't move. Well, I'd done all I could to help its survival, so I went back into the house.

Half an hour later, when I went out to walk my dog, Rascal, I looked for the bug to see if it was still there. It was gone!

The June bug is only one example, but writing is another. Through your efforts, you have the awesome power to transport readers from their everyday world, with its cares and troubles, into another place where they can live for a while.

Yes, you can make an impact!

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1 comment:

@Ruby_Barnes said...

Interesting analogy, Morgan. I tend to feel myself more like that bug at times.
I have a problem with my plum tree in the garden. It doesn't look like it's going to bud. Quite late now and all the other inhabitants of the property are budding, leafing and blossomming. That plum tree over-fruited last year and I'm afraid that my lack of pruning has signed its death warrant. Maybe there's an editing analogy hidden in my garden?