Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Get a Hobby

Forever Young
Blessing or Curse

I'm almost through editing Forever Young-Blessing or Curse, but there's still time to add extra touches. One item I'm kicking around is whether or not to give a hobby to my main character, a 55 year old widow who turns 24.

Should she have one? Will it make her more well rounded?

My main hobbies, which have exploded into consuming occupations are writing and social networking, followed closely by reading. I love acquiring new gadgets, like my iPhone and kindle, but that's not exactly a hobby. I'm not sure if watching DVDs would qualify either. Television watching is out. Though I'd love to do so, I hardly ever find anything worthwhile on TV to watch anymore. 

I took piano lessons for a few years and tried cross stitching. That was almost 30 years ago. Even further in my past, as a child I played the accordion, took tap and ballet lessons, and even went around collecting coins from change, sidewalks and park grounds.

I'm not sure if any of these hobbies would work for my character. Do you have any suggestions? Or maybe you'd just like to share your hobby.

Morgan Mandel

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CA Verstraete said...

Well she can always be a dollhouse collector! Good hobby, lots of creativity. ha! (Yes I'm biased!)
In Miniature Style II - dollhouse miniatures profiles and how-to's

Anonymous said...

Maybe your character could be one of those people who try various hobbies, but doesn't find one that sticks.
Buy scrapbooking materials, never finish the first page. Sign up for a knitting class, be called awar the first half-hour and never get back to it.....

Morgan Mandel said...

Christine, I had no idea you'd suggest that. (g)

I'm considering that second suggestion about not sticking with a hobby. Then I don't have to commit to learning about one to write about.

First I'll see if there are any other interesting suggestions.

Morgan Mandel

SBJones said...

Or research a hobby or interest that someone 55 years ago would have, but might be considered odd in today's age.

Morgan Mandel said...

You'd think I could figure that one out, since I'm 63, but I'm drawing a blank, except for listening to transistors radios.
I do remember when they came out everyone walked around with them.

Carolyn J. Rose said...

Sometimes a hobby feels organic and something a character really might do. But more interesting are those hobbies that may seem out-of-character or at least unusual. So maybe your character keeps bees or is restoring a classic car or making collages or garden art from trash she picks up walking through her neighborhood.

Lutz Barz said...

An exellent idea in that hobbies diversify your mind into avenues of thought that might have passed you by. So that your creativity blossoms as well, as you mentioned aka the piano which I too masacre [haha]. And paint [badly] and don't watch TV -boring except well chosen DVD's esp the Japanese who have totally differently thought structured plots and contents right into the non insticntual existential angst the west has towards robots plus AI. The Japanese embrace the future whilst the ango-american west is in lock down. No need to fear the future. Embrace it, with your hobbies!