Monday, October 10, 2011

Left handed creativeness

I never minded being left handed. Sure, it means I’m different, but in a good way. I’m creative; at least I think I am.

When it comes to writing, being lefty isn’t so bad, unless of course I need to write in a spiral notebook. Can I just ask how hard would it be for Mead or Staples to make left handed notebooks? Really isn’t just about putting the spiral metal thingy on the other side of the paper?

To be honest, they do make left handed products – for about triple the price! Why? Why do we have to be penalized because we seek comfort? If the writing is just for me, I turn the notebook upside down. No skin off my nose. But when I was in school I had to turn the paper in and the nuns, (yes I went to Catholic grade school which was a challenge in itself,) would not accept this.

Maybe that is where my creative juices really came from. Trying to find ways to make the world’s regular everyday common objects work for me sometimes took a bit of ingenuity. I was always thinking how to make things work for me. Now I just carry that over to my stories. How can I make things work for them? How can I move the plot forward? Always thinking, that is what makes me creative, even if it’s in a right handed world.

Have a great week!



SBJones said...

While I am not left handed, I tried in school to learn to write with my left hand. I found it easier to write from right to left and make all of the letters backwards than to write correctly with my left hand. I also thought it was cooler that way too with it all reversed.

Cellophane Queen said...

Or you could just turn the spiral-bound upside down. Aren't there lines on both sides of the page?

June said...

SBJones, too funny!!

Marva, Yes I did turn is upside down, but then the large header is at the bottom of the page, not the top and the nuns didn't like it.

Thanks for checking in!

Morgan Mandel said...

So that's where all your talent comes from!
Morgan Mandel

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