Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's Out Now? by Morgan Mandel

On Monday at Make Mine Mystery I asked everyone to share something about their works in progress. (You can still do so, if you wish, by clicking the link I just provided.)

Today, I'm asking you to let us know what you have out now. Just mention one, please, because it's hard enough for people to remember even that. Also, provide one or two buy links to make it easier for people who are tempted to cave in.

I'll start with mine:
Killer Career by Morgan Mandel
A career change from lawyer to writer seems tame enough.Not when your mentor, a bestselling author, not only writes about murders, but also has a vested interest in them. Not when your law partner won't let you go without a fight. 
99 cents on Kindle and Smashwords.

Now It's Your Turn --- What do you have out now?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this opportunity. To Catch A Cop, while a mystery, has been nominated for Best Romantic Comedy of 2010. Anyone who would like to know more can read a review and vote for the book on this site:


Cheryl said...

Great idea, Morgan. Congrats on the nomination, Elle. That's fabulous!

For me, my first children's book came out in Aug 2010, Little Shepherd. It's a retelling of the Christmas story from a 5-year-old shepherd's POV.

Eager to hear about more of your readers' books.


Evelyn David said...


Thanks Morgan! Just this week Evelyn David has a new volume of short stories out. In a change of pace for us, Love Lessons is collection 11 short romantic, "happy ending" stories. From bad dates to lost loves, we promise each story will touch your heart, your funny bone, or maybe both.

For Nook -

For Kindle -

Unknown said...

Hi, Morgan--I have TEXAS PROMISE out now, and its sister book will be out April 1. Texas Promise was a finalist in Best Book of 2010 for The Romance Studio. Now, it's been nominated again for Best Western Historical-2010 by The Romance Reviews. Readers can learn all about it from my website:

Mike Orenduff said...

Thanks for the opportunity, Morgan. Perfect timing for me. The 4th in my Pot Thief series is out today! Just came up on Amazon and will be shipping to bookstores this week. The title is THE POT THIEF WHO STUDIED ESCOFFIER, and it is set in restaurant in Santa Fe where murder turns out to be on the menu. Buy link:

Wow, that is a long link.

Unknown said...

I've had two crime novels released in the last couple of months. The first was BETWEEN DARKNESS & LIGHT, about an LAPD homicide detective with a secret in his past and an up and coming artist. The other one is BERMUDA HEAT, book 5 in the L.A. series featuring LAPD homicide detective David Eric Laine.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Hi Morgan. Stranger on the Shore has just released from MuseItUp Publishing. When author, Jordan Blake, rescues a stranger from her shore, more than a storm rages, inside and out.

Pauline Holyoak said...

Thanks Morgan. Congrats on your nomination. My book Merryweather Lodge - Ancient Revenge (the first of a trilogy)was released in October. It's a Thriller - Suspense and getting great reviews!Please come visit me and view my book

Heather Haven said...

Just because a man makes Danny DeVito look tall, dark and handsome, is that any reason to kill him? Quirky Lee Alvarez, 1/2 Latina, 1/2 WASP, and 100% detective doesn't think so. Murder is a Family Business , book one of the Alvarez Murder Mystery Series, at MuseItUp Publishing, Kindle, etc.
Thanks so much, Morgan! you're a doll.

carl brookins said...

Hey, Morgan, snowing there?
My two most recent ebooks are Case of the Great Train Robbery, a detective mystery and Red Sky latest in my Whitney/Tanner sailing adventures. I'll happily send POD copies to anyone who wants to review either.

Kate Dolan said...

It's fun to hear what different things everyone has out at the moment. My latest is a book I co-wrote with my twelve-year-old daughter. Toto's Tale tells the story of the Wizard of Oz from Toto's point of view. So we've been fixated on dogs for a while around here!
Here's a link:
Eew there had to be a better way to do that! You can also visit

Unknown said...

Thanks for the opportunity to toot my own horn.

I've caught myself in a landslide of releases since are the titles and genres:
White Heart,Lakota Spirit - Western Historical Romance
First Degree Innocence - A mixture of genres
Hurricane Warning - Short Romance
A Wing and a Prayer - Short Romance
Odessa - Western HistoricalRomance
Shortcomings - YA

You can find excerpts, videos and blurbs posted on my website at

PamelaTurner said...

Thanks, Morgan! Hope you don't mind if I join in. :-) My first book, Death Sword, was released this January from Lyrical Press. It's a paranormal/urban fantasy set in Louisville, KY.

You can find more information, including a synopsis, buy links, an excerpt, character intros, and book trailer at

Publisher buy link:

Morgan Mandel said...

It's great to know that a number of you actually finished your works in progress from before and have turned them into books that are now available! Great selection so far.

Morgan Mandel

P.I. Barrington said...

Morgan, what a great idea and generous offer!

The Future Imperfect Trilogy concludes with the explosive last novel Final Deceit. Buried under tons of rubble Gavin McAllister and his partner Payce Halligan struggle to survive and come to terms with their pasts and future. But someone else has other ideas.

Bob Sanchez said...

My murder mystery Getting Lucky is set in the mean streets of a northeastern mill city (okay, it's Lowell, Massachusetts) and features a P.I. on a missing person case that goes very wrong. One reviewer calls it "seamy and steamy...a page-turner!"

Desiree said...

Dynamic Pasadena PI, Inez Leon, searches for truth, justice and the Mexican American way, in HUMAN CARGO. In search of a missing family she knocks her head against a Russian version of The Rock.
Lucky Bat Books.

Fiona McGier said...

Free download of Prescription For Love, 6th book in my Hispanic inter-racial contemporary erotic romance series:

Secret Love, a female spy who plays by the rules which include no relationships, since they can be dangerous. Falling in love can be deadly.

Heidiwriter said...

Follow the Dream is not a mystery, but it's the sequel to my first novel, Cowgirl Dreams, based on my grandmother who rode steers in MT rodeos during the 1920s & 30s.

Milt Trachtenburg said...

My latest published book is: "How to Get Off the Merry-Go-Round: Stories of Women who Broke the Cycle of Abusive Relationships." Although this is a work of nonfiction, it uses fiction techniques to develop the stories of five women, told in their own voices and real time to describe their experiences leading to abuse and their journeys to recovering their dignity and freedom and their ultimate success stories. Published by, it is available in hardcopy and download (kindle) from

Norma Huss said...

Am I too late? I hope not. My mystery, Yesterday's Body is a 2011 EPIC mystery finalist. I'll find out on Saturday if it's a winner!

My log line: Jo Durbin knows one down-side of acting the homeless bag lady, no one will believe she just happened to find the very dead Francine.

My website (click on my name above) has an excerpt and links to where it can be purchased as either an e-book or trade paperback.

Kate Thornton said...

Hi! I have my collection of 21 eerie and exciting stories out, INHUMAN CONDITION.

If you like unusual, mysterious, classic and/or just plain creepy, this is the book for you.

My website, has links and it's on sale now for Kindle or Nook for only $5. And if you are in the Los Angeles area, I'll be reading this Sunday at the Sisters in Crime meeting & signing trade paper copies.

I hope to see you there!
Kate Thornton

Morgan Mandel said...

Good luck, Norma, but remember, being a finalist is a great honor, even if you don't win.

Morgan Mandel

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

love to join right in.
It's Still Tomorrow is my latest release, a witchy contemporary through Swimming Kangaroo Books.
They also have Twisted Wind, A Gallows Waited, Little Sam's Angel, Evil Reflections, Looking Glass Portal, The Knowing, and Mourning Meadow. Witchs, ghosts, spirits, murder, suspense, contemporary and historical, just take your pick.

Jane Toombs said...

Hallow House: Part One is out now--a pararnormal gothic suspense romance from Books We Love Publishing Partners. As one reviewer put it: "Victoria Holt meets Stephen King." Part Two is coming soon. Buy link at my website:

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hey Morgan,
A day late - that's me! I have a new ebook out - Seeing Red, available at www.smashwords for $2.99 in all digital formats - and this title will soon be available in print. This sweet romance features the perils of home repair and the joys of a competent and sexy repairman.

I have a mystery releasing next week - On The Nickel. It's the second in my Cleopatra Jones amateur sleuth series. In this book, Mama's car killed the church lady, but who was behind the wheel?

Thanks for asking!

romance and mystery author