Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Any day can be a tag day by Morgan Mandel

Our own Acme member, Robert W. Walker, mentioned the importance of tagging our own books on I agree it's very important to put those tags on. If you've set it up yourself, make sure to include the tags. If your publisher put your book up, you can still add tags.

It's one of the best means of free publicity you can get. Another thing, after reading someone else's book, even if you don't do a review, tagging can also help a books' ranking, and is a lot easier and faster to do.

I go to the tag section of the book and check the boxes I agree with about the book. Afterwards, I always click the letter "t" twice and a box comes up which can easily besaved. It's that easy to tag.

Whether you do it for yourself, or someone else, it helps get a book noticed at Amazon, so remember to tag, even if it's not a tag day in your neighborhood.

Morgan Mandel

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Terry Odell said...

And Amazon now has that little "like" button, which is very easy to do (but for some reason, if you're tagging, and click 'see all tags' it disappears, so click it first.

Terry's Place
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Deb Larson said...

Great advice, Morgan! Now if I can just do it!!!!!
DL Larson