Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sometimes a film is more than just a film

Thought I'd get your opinions on films today, Friday, March 11th 2011.  There are those films that make us laugh, those that make us cry, and those which wring us out and make us laugh as well. Then there are westerns which some of us love, horror films, some crave, romance and chick flicks needed by others. And then occasionally a film comes along that just is memorable and shakes up our notions of what we felt so comfy in accepting--like our reality.  When our reality gets shaken to the core, some of us react to such a film well while others not so well.

For me a film is only as good as the lasting effect it has on its viewers as holds true for readers of books. In this vein, I would name for comedic effect Tootsie for instance, so many memorable scenes yet I have not seen the film in years, maybe ten years.  Also for laughs as well Being John Malchovich and My Cousin Vinnie.  I also loved the more recent Sherlock for its historical breath and background as well as the repartee between Holmes and Watson  and am looking forwrd to its sequel. For horror, I loved Stir of Echoes. For Westerns it has to be The Wild Bunch.

However, while science fiction like the classic Outlnder, Star Wars, Star Trek are all fun, what of the book that rocks your world or the film that rocks your universe?  One such film that shook me up so thoroughly as to jar my insides to wrench my gut and mind at once is a little known film but a fantastic movie entitled The Man From Earth.  The effect is powerful.

To attempt to summarize The Man from Earth would only lesson its power. This is a film one needs see twice for the sheer power and beauty and simplicty and complexity all rolled into one.  Star gazers, history buffs, philosophers, theologians, anyone who ponders imponderables --this is the film for you.

What about you?  Seen any good films lately?  If so share them in the comments section.  We have made it so simple and easy to leave a comment at ACME, so please, share.

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Jan Kozlowski said...

I second Rob's comments about Man From Earth. He recommended it to me and I finally got around to watching it yesterday and I was absolutely blown away by it. It hits you on so many levels and leads you to question pretty much everything you've learned about history, religion, philosophy and the cosmos. And, on top of that it's well acted, entertaining and never preachy or didactic. Go to Amazon and pony up the $12 for this movie!

I was especially shocked at my own reaction to Man From Earth since I'm more of mindless, unsophisticated or even "bad" horror/action/comedy movie fan. I love Dusk Til Dawn and the Dawn of the Dead remake. I'll also second Rob's My Cousin Vinnie, and I'll add Dude, Where's My Car, White Chicks and Undead or Alive. I also have a soft spot for the sentimental Secondhand Lions and The Princess Bride.

Morgan Mandel said...

Just saw Where the Heart Is again tonight. It's been a while since I saw it, but I loved it all over again. I didn't realize Natalie Portman had the lead role until I watched it this time. I haven't seen her latest film, but want to see it now. Funny thing is she was pregnant at the Oscars and pregnant in Where the Heart is.

Morgan Mandel

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Finally, got this to work!

One of my favorite mystery films from the past is DEAD AGAIN.
And of course, in my opinion,
no one has surpassed the
Hitchcock films.

Rob said...

Speaking of the Hitchcock films, I found the Ghost Writer so Hitchcockian in its every frame. Enjoyed it greatly as a suspenseful mystery. Nataalie Portman is a fantastic actress, agreed. So is Melissa Tomei. I just loved her in My Cousin Vinney.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I liked Sherlock Holmes too and will see the sequel. Sometimes I luck up on one I missed the first time around on cable (and talk myself out of cancellig it-ha!)I always get a laugh out of seeubg a Men in Black I missed because of the actors, not the 'history' LOL.
One Sci-Fi I'll never forget is The Dayl the Earth Stood Still.

Deb Larson said...

One of my all time favorites is "Last of the Mohicans." Daniel Day Lewis and Madeline Stone are superb, plus the history involved and the emotions are right off the charts!
DL Larson