Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writer Etiquette

As many seasoned writers know, most writer's conferences or CON's are the result of a large number of hard-working volunteers. Such is the case with our Love Is Murder CON (www.loveismurder.net) to include the board members. We adore our volunteers

I had a recent exchange with a writer who was very rude via email to not only me but to our web master as well. I had never heard of this writer before and couldn't find much on the web about her but it's safe to say at this point that I now have a very negative impression of her from how she behaved.

This isn't to say that she didn't have a right to be frustrated or even provide her constructive feedback but when any of us do this we must keep in mind that anything that we say or do is a measure of who we are as writers, especially these days.

Not everything that goes viral is a good thing.

There are many, many skills that need to be developed to have a successful writing career and good manners and professional behavior are definitely on the list.


Debra St. John said...


I heartily agree. No one wants to associate with someone who is rude to others.

Morgan Mandel said...

Very true, Terri.
It's surprising how one person knows another online. That's a lesson to take care or your mean words can come right around and bite you back.

Morgan Mandel