Thursday, January 20, 2011

Affording A Simple Luxury! by DL Larson

January 19th was National Popcorn Day. The local paper in my area had a large article about the wonders of popcorn and I must admit the smell and taste of movie popcorn is one of my favorite things. The article itself was nothing surprising, but it caught my attention simply because a few days before my husband and I had attended a matinee and discovered a large pop and popcorn cost $18.00, more than the tickets to the movie. We looked at each other in surprise and simultaneously decided we could go without popcorn. It was a small stand against outrageousness, but we denied our simple pleasure in order to stand against greed, even in its smallest way.

The following day I noticed a "Blondie" cartoon, by Stan Drake/Dean. I laughed outloud, knowing Stan must have had a similar encounter. The first frame had the couple standing at the theater's candy counter and Dagwood said, "We'd like to make a down payment on a tub of popcorn and two large drinks." The employee replied, "Would you like to pay in small weekly installments or two hefty semi-annual ones?"

As a farmer's wife, I must tell you popcorn is not an expensive commodity to grow. In our area several folks grow their own popcorn and I have bought from them and throughly enjoyed their product. It cost pennies to plant a sizeable garden and if you know anything about gardening, you quickly realize the return on planting to produce is more than a hundred fold! So why the hefty price on theater popcorn? Yes, yes, it's a special blend and tastes yummy! So does a steak at a nice restaurant and if I'm inclined to spend $18.00 to fill my belly, I'd chose the steak and feel as if I've spent my money wisely and fed my body with something nutritious. Yes, I hear the critics already, stating I'm missing the point, it's merely a snack. That's when I say, "YES, that's my point! A snack should not cost as much as a steak."

It's this type of ridiculousness that has our country in financial straits. We need to take a stand, quietly despite our growling tummies, and not fall victim for such blatant attempts to rob us right into the poor house.

I don't know if I'll be able to resist the enticing aroma of theater popcorn the next time we go to the movies. It will probably depend on whether we plan to go out to dinner. Will I want to spend my hard earned money on savory popcorn that will make me feel guilty for indulging or hold out for a nice meal?

I'm determined not to let my belly decide for me. Of course, that's easy to say sitting at a computer and the only aroma is my simmering tea.

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Anonymous said...

Took the boys to the show last Sunday, and felt the same way! Cost more for the popcorn/pop than the 4 tix to get in! But, we got the popcorn and pop.. it WAS our treat to the boys, and besides, how could we say NO to 2 lil faces looking up at us? But I do agree, it's gotten out of hand with these prices! Would MUCH rather spend it on REAL food!

Deb Larson said...

I hear you, girl! I have the same problem with my grandkids - don't want to disappoint them!!
DL Larson

Helen Ginger said...

The price of popcorn and a drink at the movies is outrageous. When we go, my husbands gets a large drink and a large popcorn. I get just a small drink. I love buttery popcorn and it loves me, or atleast it loves my thighs.

Morgan Mandel said...

Sometimes we get coupons from our local movie theater offering a small popcorn for free with admission. What a bargain!

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

We all need a bargain! Great idea to look for coupons, Morgan.

And yes, Helen, I hear you about the thigh thing! If only it was ONLY popcorn I had to worry about!:)
Thanks for sharing everyone!