Thursday, October 1, 2009

RUSSIAN ROULETTE, a review by DL Larson

"Do it or your fiancee will die."

Hannibal Jones, a Washington D.C. private investigator, finds a Russian assassin waiting for him in his office. The conversation doesn't go well. Actually there isn't much of a conversation. Hannibal listens to the demand; he must investigate an Algerian the assassin believes to be a fraud and unworthy of the woman they both claim to love. The woman, Viktoriya, is connected to the Russian Red Mayfia.

Hannibal Jones is a smart man and so is his creator, Austin S. Camacho who gives his readers a fast pace mystery of intrigue. RUSSIAN ROULETTE, a Hannibal Jones Thriller, takes place in parts of the Capitol city most of us have never been. His search for truth draws him deeper into the underworld of illegal dwellings where fortunes are made and lost in an evening. The more Hannibal discovers the more he doesn't know and the search continues. Viktoriya's father was killed, but no one is talking, not even Viktoriya's mother. The Russian assassin hands out knowledge as if he's feeding crumbs to a pet. The Algerian isn't really an Algerian, and further investigation takes Hannibal into international quicksand. All the while, his beloved Cindy is being watched, her life is at stake and she doesn't realize it. She simply thinks he has gone awol over this case. She has lunch with another man. Even more unsettling is the Russian assassin has taken up residence in his office, eating at his desk, sleeping on his couch. Hannibal's neighbors wonder what's up. If only Hannibal knew himself.

Hannibal Jones mans up! He grows tired of being held at gunpoint at every turn. The threat has lost its effect. He wants his life back, his woman and his office! But time is running out and Viktoriya's life is in jeapordy. Hannibal has run out of clues, and then the unexpected happens. The assassin becomes his ally.

Becoming friends with a Russian killer is not the smartest thing Hannibal has ever done, or is it? Read RUSSIAN ROULETTE, and decide for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Austin S. Camacho has given us a great mystery thriller. I am disappointed in one thing ... I'm disappointed I haven't read the other Hannibal Jones mysteries: The Troubleshooter, Blood and Bone, Collateral Damage, and Damaged Goods.

Austin S. Camacho captivates the reader from the beginning and delivers a satisfying conclusion. Be sure to read the epilogue. Hannibal has a few things he wants to discuss with his lady love.

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DL Larson


Austin S. Camacho said...

Wow! Thanks so much for your kind words, Deb. Nothing's better than praise from another great author! I hope folks will want to learn more about Hannibal Jones at

Morgan Mandel said...

Great review for a great book!
I'm almost through with it myself and will be posting a review also.

I'm not a professional reviewer, but I can tell good writing when I see it!

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

I hope this sends more searching for a Hannibal Jones thriller!!
I enjoyed doing the review, but you did all the hard work with writing a great story!
Blessings ~
DL Larson