Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A place for romance writers and readers to meet

An exciting new website is RomanceUniversity.org. Billed as a place where friends are made and dreams are realized, it is proving to be the place to go for not only romance writers, but writers in general, and readers of all genres. Check it out. There is something for everyone.

One of the entries pays tribute to Kate Duffy, long time acquisition editor of romantic literature. While her last stop was with Kensington, her involvement with the romance genre is a pedigree many aspire to attain. Please take a moment to read.

Back at the ranch - er - the Windy City RWA ranch that is, our guest speaker this week is Joe Welk and his topic is Forensic DNA Analysis. Whether you're a CSI junkie or just fascinated by all things forensic, this talk is for you. He is quite impressive. Go to http://www.windycityrwa.org/ for more info. I'm the program coordinator for our group and I'm always excited when I find a Subject Matter Expert (SME) such as Joe who can present a hard-to-understand topic in a way that let's the rest of us in.

Reports continue to emerge from Publishers Weekly regarding the various regional results of the book industry. Go to http://www.publishersweekly.com/ and search on great lakes for one of the regional reports.

In the midst of so many writers conferences folding, we at Love Is Murder want to entice everyone out there to stay tuned to our annoucements regarding our 2011 Annual Love Is Murder Con held the first weekend in February 2011. Our website will be updated soon with all the exciting new details.

Also, I'm spearheading a new adventure called Writers in Support of Heroes. The idea is to honor all our heroes in society. The group description is as follows:

"A group of writers, whether published or not, who support all kinds of heroes including the brave members of our armed forces to those on the front lines in hospitals, fire stations, police departments, schools, and so much more. Our support ranges from donating books, supporting literacy efforts, and helping those who face danger and difficult challenges to explore their experiences through the power of telling their story."

Please go to http://www.meetup.com/ and signup if you aren't a member already and join me in celebrating and raising money for all our heroes.

Take care and have a happy writing/reading day, and remember the power of your story is just plain powerful!

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Morgan Mandel said...

I can hardly wait for the new Love is Murder! I've been to every one of them and they were all great.

Morgan Mandel