Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do You Read or Write on Vacation? by Morgan Mandel

We're heading off for our last vacation trip to the NorthWoods on Friday. Mingled with the fun of enjoying the cottage, my friend. Jeanne, and the autumn hues, will be the sad realization that we won't be back again until Spring.

Fall's a beautiful time of year and I usually snap lots of pictures for memories. I also hope to get some writing and reading done, in between book signings, shopping, eating and going to the casino. (The order varies depending on which day) Hopefully, my cold will be better by Saturday, so I don't scare potential readers away from buying Killer Career when I'm signing at Book World in Eagle River.

What about you? Do you read or write on vacation?


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I like to use vacation time to do as much reading as possible because that's when I can do it without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else. I usually do very little writing except for making notes when something pops into my head.

Hope you enjoy your vacation (though it sounds like a working one) and that your cold goes away.

Terry Odell said...

The short answer: "Yes."

The balance and amount will vary depending on what kind of 'vacation' it is (nearly all our travel until very recently was hooked to business trips for hubby or me).

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I write! A lot! On the very long flight to Oregon last week (and then back again on Monday) I wrote for so many hours, my hand cramped. I remember finishing an earlier book while on a cruise!

Think I just need to get away from home more often...

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

What's a vacation? Every time hubby and I leave the house it's to do something book related--we're headed for a Book Fair in San Luis Obispo on Saturday--the event is Sunday. We're staying at a quaint hotel we've always wanted to stay at, and having dinner with friends (mystery writer and hubby) who we haven't seen for awhile. I know we'll have a great time at the fair while talking about my books. But I don't really consider it a vacation.

By the time we get back to our room, I'm too bushed to do much more than answer a few emails.

We did go to a family reunion last weekend, but we had so much fun there was no time for reading or writing.


Book Dragon said...

Writing: I'm not a serious writer but have taken a WIP on vacation and worked on it.

Reading: Only once have I not taken at least one book on vacation and it was a 20th anniversary trip. We ended up at an author's signing! I remember one time planning a camping trip of six days. My husband asked how many books I was taking (7) and then asked if it was enough.

Rob Walker said...

I can write anywhere anytime at the drop of a hat, and if you do not believe this, I might be able to get the security camera at the Golden Nugget Casino floor where I found a coffee shop and table in the casino, opened my Mac and amid the clatter and noise wrote a chapter. On 25th Wedding anniversary with my first wife, I learned our tour guide bus driver was a forty-year man, retired, from Hawaii did a pile of face to face research with him front of the it any wonder the marriage failed after that? Guilty. Whenever wherever I travel, I am 24/7 a writer. Primal Instinct came out of Hawaii.

Rob Walker said...

PS -- a brother in law took one of my Killer Instinct series titles with him on vacation to Hawaii...and when they got back, his wife was angry with me as he "spent the whole time in that book!" Music to my ears but what does it do to the marriage?? Fortunately, they patched it up.