Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The value of a good librarian

Most writers know that a good librarian is worth his or her weight in gold. Still, there are those who overlook the value of having their books in a library; and, a library developing readers for an author, one reader at a time. In my opinion the libraries are a much overlooked source for marketing books. Sure, a visit to a library might not result in immediate sales (but it might), or in an immediate presence on any of the best seller lists; BUT, over time the libraries are an important arena for authors to gain the momentum and exposure to readers that has indeed put a number of authors on those best seller lists.

As the program coordinator for my chapter of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) I am fortunate enough to have access to some wonderful librarians who will be talking about how an author can help their book(s) find a place on a library shelf. My friend and sister windycityrwa member, Susan Gibberman, is leading a panel of other librarians for a lively discussion of this topic. Susan participated in a similar panel at our national RWA conference this past July and it was riveting.

Authors wear many hats in developing their writing careers. Very few authors have full-time anythings (except perhaps a day job to keep them alive so they don't starve) so it's essential to be armed with the knowledge of just how to get a book the attention it needs to attract readers. Writing the book is but half the battle.

I truly hope that all of our members and guests come to this session as it is a vital souce of information for any author at any stage of their writing career.



June said...

I stopped by my library and dropped off information on my first book and they bought it right away! It was so cool to see my book on the shelves. I wish I could come to the program - I will certainly try! Thanks, Terri.


Rob Walker said...

Could not agree with you more!!