Sunday, September 6, 2009

Working Class Heroes

It's a weekend to celebrate.

Not a President's or an explorer's or someone's birthday. Not the birth of a nation. Not for anyone or anything famous. But for the everyday, ordinary people who work for a living in our country.

These working class heroes are all around us. The teachers, painters, nurses, grocery store clerks and those who serve us everyday.

These are the kind of heroes I like to write about. No fancy princes or shieks or millionaires for me. I like rugged, hard-working (and of course sexy!) heroes for my stories. Cowboys, photographers, chefs, and carpenters. These are the kind of heroes you'll find in the pages of the books I like to read and write.

And these are the kinds of heroes we celebrate today.

So as we ponder the "official" end of summer (did it ever really arrive here in the Midwest?), remember to take a moment to celebrate for those working class heroes that make our world go round.

Happy Labor Day!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!


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Terry Odell said...

This has been a topic I want to cover on my blog someday -- why are so many romance heroes "physically" heroic? Most of us don't have careers that put our lives in danger.

Blake, in What's in a Name? is an 'ordinary guy' hero. He's denied his upbringing as a carpenter and moved into the world of finance. Neither career really prepared him for what he got caught up in, and he did find those "physically heroic" strengths when he needed them (which I think makes him all the more heroic, since he wasn't trained for the tasks he had to perform.)

Happy Labor Day, all -- we're heading out for a 5 day cruise and I don't intend to do much "laboring" at all!