Monday, March 9, 2009

Web Tour

Last week was the YA Web Tour and it was very successful. Basically, seven authors from the young adult line from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, got together and had a tour. We each gave away a book or books and it was really a fun.

Honestly, I had no clue how it would work, and even though we each did our contest a little bit differently, things went smoothly. In actuality, it was pretty darn easy!

Kimberlee Mendoza, who is also a graphic designer and does many of our covers, designed the graphic and organized the days. Then all we had to do was post the tour on our website, donate a book and tell people where to go on the next stop. This drove a lot of traffic to each of our sites. I’m sure some people went there and just entered the contest, but I know that some of them looked around; saw what kind of books we write, what was coming up, etc. I am really pleased with the tour and would highly recommend it for promotion, it’s easy and inexpensive!!

So, if you missed any of the stops on our web tour, here are the other authors:
Kimberlee Mendoza, Deb Logan, Kitty Keswick, Terry Lee Wilde, Linda Kage and Laurie Larsen.

Please have a look at theses authors sites and just hang around a little bit.



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Morgan Mandel said...

I need to check out those sites. I've been doing taxes almost all weekend.

Morgan Mandel