Sunday, March 29, 2009


Okay, the calendar says March 29, but when I peek out my looks more like December or January. It snowed last night. A lot.

It's rather annoying really. See, I'm done with winter and snow and cold and wind and ice. It's spring for Pete's sake. I want to see flowers blooming and trees budding and hear birds chirping.

I need an escape. And not one that requires getting on a plane.

I've always found that the best escape is a good book...whether it's one I'm reading or one I'm writing. A book allows me to ignore the blanket of snowy white outside and instead imagine a long stretch of white sandy beach with a bronzed, bare chested guitar player by my side. A book allows me to ignore the rivers of icy water flowing down the street and instead imagine a sea in the darkest of night, a ship tossing on the waves, a rougish pirate captain at my side. A book allows me to trade the snow covered trees for the moss covered trunks of a cool forest, mist swirling through the air, with an enticingly dangerous vampire by my side.

Well, I think you get the picture...

As a writer, I am privileged to create these worlds so other people can escape from the dreariness of a winter-like day here at the beginning of spring. As a reader, I am blessed to find these worlds that others have created so I can ignore the sludge, sleet, and chill and ensconse myself in a completely different place.

And that's where I'm off to right now.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!


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L. Diane Wolfe said...

Well spring finally hit here in NC - mid-70's and humid, rainy, and tornado warnings...

An escape sounds good!

L. Diane Wolfe

Morgan Mandel said...

Yesterday, before the snow hit, while I was walking Rascal I saw about 35 robins at a small park near our house. I wonder what they think of all this snow? I wonder where they're hiding out?

Morgan Mandel

Debra St. John said...

Oh, Diane! I'm so jealous! (I'll even take the rain, humidity, and tornadoes...)

Moira said...

Well, we hit the mid seventies here in Vegas, but the wind is atrocious and so is the pollen count. I was stuck inside all weekend otherwise breathing wouldn't have been an option due to hayfever. Oh well, next I'll be complaining about the 115 degree weather, so I guess I should just be happy at the moment. Who needs to breathe anyhow?

Deborah Talmadge said...

There were apricot blossoms on my tree before the snow hit and turned them all brown. Drat.

Anonymous said...

Even with all the rain here lately, the redbud blossoms are all out, and the dogwoods are starting to show. My wife is very happy about her daffodils, jonquils, tulips and grape hyacinths. As for wildflowers, the trilliums and the wild violets are rampant!


Margot Justes said...

It's April 5th and we're expecting 4-6 inches of snow tonight...
Margot Justes