Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okay, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm one of those "Twilight" people.

Yesterday was a great day. The DVD came out! My girlfriend and I have been counting down to this day for months...well, more acurately I've been e-mailing her "Twilight" tidbits everyday since January...she doesn't seem to mind though.

I don't know what it is about this series of books and now movies. But I am hooked. Completely hooked. As Edward says, they're like my own personal brand of heroine. And just as addictive.

Maybe it's the vampire aspect. I've always listed vampire stories among my favorites. Maybe it's that reading/watching/obsessing makes me feel like a teenager again. Nothing wrong with that.

Whatever it is, I'm totally devoted. (Although I did skip all of the 'midnight release madness' Friday night. I learned my lesson on that with a couple of the Harry Potter books several years ago.)

I've read the books, and the unfinished mss on the author's website ( three times. And I started on the fourth round last night. When the movie was in the theatres last fall, my girlfriend and I saw it four times. Last night we watched it twice. Plus all of the special features. We made a night of it, complete with "Twilight" candy hearts, ravioli for dinner, and her life-sized cut out of Edward standing in my living room. And I plan to watch it several more times this week.

Do you remember the movie "Dirty Dancing?" When that came out about twenty years ago, my mom watched it every night for like a month. She loved the dancing. And she loved Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle. She was just a bit older than I am now.

I have the feeling "Twilight" is going to be my "Dirty Dancing". There's no dancing -well, a little bit at prom at the end, but that doesn't really count. But I do think Rob Pattinson plays a VERY fine (and hot and sexy) vampire. (*sigh*, I love Edward.)

My wonderful husband is fabulous about all of this. Whenever I talk about Edward or "Twilight" he simply gives a very tolerant and amused eye roll. He always says there are worse things I could be obsessed with.

How long will my obession last? I don't know. But "New Moon" has started filming, so I have that to look foward to this fall. (I think I sense another countdown coming...)

So, what do you obsess about? What books and/or movies pull you in and won't let you go? And what is it about them?

Until next time,

Happy Reading! (You know what I'll be reading!!)


P.S. On an unrelated note, don't forget to hop over to the New Covey Cover Awards and vote for THIS TIME FOR ALWAYS. (Entry #9)


Morgan Mandel said...

Just wondered when you had time to read the books 3 times and still get your manuscripts ready. You are amazing!

My obsession lately is social networking. Okay, I confess, also slot machines when on vacation, but I'm curbing that one big time this year. Can't afford it.

Morgan Mandel

Morgan Mandel

Mary Ricksen said...

Well it seems to be a pretty harmless pastime to me.
It's only an obsession if it interferes with your life. Otherwise it's your way of having fun.
I hope you enjoy every second.
Happy writing!

Marianne Evans said...

FABULOUS blog!! Thanks for the heads up on this topic on the TWRP yahoo group! I'm a recent ‘rosebud’ and a fellow Twilighter. I fully credit Stephenie's work with re-igniting my writing muse. My daughter in law and I are fellow junkies and our story sounds so similar to yours...saw the movie numerous times, counted down to the DVD release, shared news bits (and are currently obsessing over New Moon...) Two things strike me most about Stephenie's work: #1 - making the unbelievable something you can completely relate to, and #2 - making deeply felt love and sensuality more 'knock your socks off' than any full blown love-scene I've ever read! LOL! Again, great blog, and stop by my MySpace blog if you've got a second. I wrote a large kudo to the White Roses, and explained that I’m blogging next weekend about “Sense and Sensuality” because I was so inspired by getting my Twilight DVD! LOL!

Happy writing, Debra!!

Nightingale said...

I write about vampires and I loved the book and the movie. Count me a fan, too.

Teri Wilson, Romancing the pet lover's soul said...

Hey Debra, LOL. We have lots in common. I went to get my copy of Twilight and midnight Friday and wasn't even ashamed to be the second-oldest person in line. Edward is still older than I am, so it's OK to be in love with him. ha ha My critique group had a Twilight DVD party last night, complete with plastic fangs. Oh how I wish we had your cardboard Edward. I'm normally not a vampire fan but this series captivates me in a way no other book has. Thanks for a fantastic blog. I knew I wasn't the only one...


Teri Wilson ~ Romancing the pet lover's soul

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not a Twilight fan but I do relate to the obsession and the waiting in line for the midnight release of Harry Potter. My two kids and I all had to have it them minute they came out. We managed to control our obsession so that we only ordered TWO copies of the book instead of three (Yes, I was the one who waited patiently).

Debra St. John said...

Thanks for checking in, ladies! I watched again last night with my hubby...he's so good to me! And I'm about three fourths of the way through the book. Ah, it's going to be a good week! Glad I'm not alone here!!!!!

Deborah Talmadge said...

I have to admit to reading Twilight 11 times. I know, pathetic.