Thursday, March 19, 2009

Upcoming HNS Writer's Conference in Chicago area! by DL Larson

With all the talk about conferences and conventions, speaking with editors and agents, I want to remind everyone of the upcoming Historical Novel Society (North American) Conference in the Chicago area, June 12-14. Hyatt Regency Woodfield in Schaumburg IL is the convention site. There is still time to register.

Keynote speakers are Edward Rutherfurd, author of London, Russka, Ireland Awakening, along with Margaret George, author of Autobiography of Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles, Memoirs of Cleopatra and most recently, Helen of Troy. Diana Gabaldon, author of her bestselling Outlander novels and Kate Forsyth, author of The Gypsy Crown, The Witches of Eileanan and many others, will also be presenting. Check out the website by typing in: Historical Novel Society. A whole list of presenters will be making an appearance and be helping out with the many and varied workshops.

The workshops are for all stages of writers, from working on POV to character settings, to selling historical fiction. The schedule includes such topics as research methods, writing about biographical figures, to does size matter?

Now that I have your attention, I want to mention this conference is also offering appointments to talk to editors and agents. As many of the other bloggers mentioned this week, making contact with others is essential in advancing your career as a writer.

I attended this conference a few years ago in Salt Lake City and thoroughly enjoyed being with other historical writers. All conferences are rewarding, but when topics are fine-tuned to your era, it's positively thrilling. I know the Albany New York Conference was a great hit and I'm sad I missed it, which makes me all the more determined to attend this one.

If you are a published author there is also a book selling time on Saturday. It's a great opportunity to promote your work and visit with other authors. The HNS Bookstore can obtain your books through whatever venue you tell them, or you can work on consignment by bringing your own to the conference.

Sarah Johnson is the coordinator of this event and can be reached at She's a great gal, dedicated to the Historical Novel Society and will help you with any questions you might have.

This is the conference I look forward to like nothing else. If historical writing is your genre, give serious thought to joining other writers at this conference, June 12-14th, in Schaumburg IL.

Has anyone else attended this conference? Let us know about your experiences.

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Morgan Mandel said...

Figures. There's a conference not far from home, but I don't write historicals.

Morgan Mandel

Anonymous said...

Debra -- thanks for bringing this to my attention; I was asleep on this. Will see if it is something I can manage to involve myself in and get a trip to Chicago to boot. I am trying to sell my latest historical NOW! Maybe there will be some agents at the con?

Rob Walker
historical novelist!

Deb Larson said...

Looks like a good list of agents and editors will be at the conference. When you sign up Sarah will send you a packet and you can pick someone to pitch to - or there might be a waiting list. You can always talk in the hallways too.
Good luck - maybe I'll see you there.
DL Larson

Emmalyn said...

As many at HNS will tell you, it's not a genre, it's a subject matter, and they don't mind if you don't stick close to a time and place. I do fantasy, and found the sessions very valuable, even though my time and places are imaginary (with sometimes a historical flavor).