Thursday, November 6, 2008

The ADDiction of the ELection, Oh My! by Robert W. Walker

When did you first discover the George Foreman Grill? I bet it was on a TV ad. We are bombarded with ads and political pundits and election results and we get so much information from PSMs to Dancing with the Stars through the big and the small screens; as if TV was not enough of a monster gobbling up our time and our brains in many instances, now we have screens on our hips, on our wrists, on our phones, on the inside of our eyelids. OK that last was a horrid exaggeration but who knows, maybe the next gadget will be a screen we can slide onto the inner eyelid. Sound like science fiction? So much we are surrounded with now were once Star Trek gizmos.

I must admit for the final run to the White House, the contest between McCain and Obama, I was absolutely addicted. I'd get home from the job and immediately flip through the various channels to see who said what to whom, who did what to whom, who went over the edge, who insulted whom, ahhh the humanity and the soap opera of it all. I was deeply in, watching every hour I could: the left, the right, the middle of the road, as each seemed to have its own network. I couldn't get enough and now that the race is over, there's a hole left in my psyche. I can't
feed the addiction.

Strangely, I am turning back to my favorite TV dramas and comedies to help me soothe and smooth over the wounds of my now unfed addiction, my delirium tremens, my coming down. I am rushing back to House, my favorite show, House kinda reminds me of me if I could only get away with it, he,he,he! Maybe when I reach 70? At 70 Mark Twain tells us a man
has a right to be objectionable.

I rush back to Grey's Anatomy for some mindless fun and relaxation, realizing that so much of Keith Oberman's Countdown had me white-knuckled for an hour! Then the new Rachel Madow show pretty much extended the Countdown to TWO hours! More white-knuckled response from me. Watching the dirt and mud-slinging and nastiness between the two camps was ulcer inducing but addictive at the same time. I was out of control and I knew it. Night sweats and I
would flip over to the Daily Show and Colbert to relax the colon and the knuckles and just laugh out loud at the whole of it.

And I rush to Law and Order, The Fringe, The Eleventh Hour, TrueBlood where the blood and guts of fictional shows seemed tame by comparison to the NEWS and the pundits and yes the RADIO so-called experts (which I would flip to to see what kind of nutsy-ness was coming from that quarter.

But it's over, right? I can relax with my FUN shows now, right?
NO. Now there are factions the laying at the feet of Sarah Palin the entire cause/effect
of why the Republicans lost so dismally, not only the presidential election but so many
seats in the House and the Senate. They're throwing Sarah under the bus!

My God, now I have to turn on Count Down with Oberman, Madow, Daly, Colbert, and flip channels to see if O'Reiley is backing Sarah or changing his tune, as if my life depends upon it! To see what Hanity is saying about the in-fighting over the woman he pretty much swooned over when interviewing Palin.

I gotta get hold of myself; gotta find a Betty Ford type clinic for political airing addiction. I am sure I can't be the only one suffering from this horrid condition.

Can anyone help me? Who am I gonna call? I've given up writing time for this addiction, reading time, research time, time from my clients in my editing service, time to spend with the family watching Family Guy or The Simpsons, and for what?

I was once clean and sober before caught up in the rabidness of this political crapola. I was so carefree before, so normal. Not anymore. This life-long learner has fallen down on the job. The only good thing that has come of it all? I got out to vote and I voted with passion!

How about you?

The great hope for the future is that President Elect Obama has a name that the rest of the world is comfy with, as in China where there is a town named Obama, and in Obi-land, that is Nigeria, and I suspect the Middle East.

In brief, Obama represents something huge on the world stage as the face of a new America on a new day on a new page, and I believe the rest of the world, along with many millions of Americans of every size and stripe, age and color, religious and non-religious. Imagine how every little white girl in America would feel if our new president was President Hillary Clinton today? Now imagine how every little black and white girl in America, along with every little black and white and yellow and brown kid in America is feeling today.

Barney, the White House dog bit a reporter today, no doubt upset with the election results,
and I have run into some humans angry enough to bite as a result of the election, but I believe with all my heart that what happened here is no less important than the day America
beat the British in 1776 for freedom and equality. Perhaps now there is actual freedom and equality on these shores for all Americans.

Finally. And just maybe we can get back to paying homage to the US Constitution or at least READING it and trying desperately to live by its precepts. We're talking a new American day, a new American History, a real turn in the direction my son years ago promised me one day would come.

Thank God for our children and their naive and beautiful thoughts, eh?

Happy Writing all,
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Morgan Mandel said...

No matter who we voted for, right now we need to support our new President. He's got a big job ahead of him.

Morgan Mandel

Anonymous said...

You're singing my song. LOL
Loved your post.
Pat Browning

Theresa de Valence said...

Bravo, Rob!
Theresa de Valence

Margaret said...

Rob,I, too thought I could get back to "real" life now that the election is over. I haven't seen any episodes of NCIS or Bones this season and have only watched Numbers because it is on after Rachel Maddow. Was looking forward to catching up on them, but then the President Elect held a press conference today. So, I had to watch that, and then, of course, had to turn on Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow for commentary, and also needed to see Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN to hear what David Gergen had to say. I'm afraid there is no cure for this addiction.
Margaret Franson
P.S. Enjoy your posts on DL.

Lesa said...

Totally agree with you, Rob. Loved the press conference, which I heard on NPR in the car, then watched snippets of on Chris Matthews, Olbermann, etc. But, there is hope! Have you seen the new website, It will at least keep you up to date with changes in the new administration. Then, I can google those people, and read about them before they discuss them on NPR or MSNBC!

Hi. My name is Lesa, and I'm a political junkie. (Group - Hi, Lesa!)