Thursday, November 20, 2008

TWILIGHT at Midnight Tonight! by DL Larson

If you're a Stephanie Meyers fan, you probably already have your ticket bought and will be standing in line at the theater before suppertime tonight! TWILIGHT has a midnight showing and folks, mostly teen girls and adult women, are anxious to see if the movie will be as good as the book.

It's science-fiction, vampires! Edward and his family live in Washington where the sun doesn't shine all that much. He looks seventeen and attends high school where Bella, a new student who just moved in with her dad, is trying to adjust to her new life. This budding love story has exploded into a series of books, four at the last count.

Here's the scoop on author, Stephanie Meyers:

~ she had a dream and had the foresight to commit her experience to paper.
~ she wasn't a professional writer and nearly gave up because she didn't understand the marketing process of publishing.
~ her family encouraged her to keep trying to get her work published.
~ she didn't know the first thing about queries, proposals or what a literary
agent is, or what they are needed for.
~ she sent her ideas out anyway. (to 15 top houses I believe)
~ someone noticed her work and asked for more!
~ they asked for a three book contract!

So, how does that affect us as writers? It means the American dream is still alive! We too can continue to dream, commit our thoughts to paper and, and .... work hard to get recognized!!!!! We don't need to have all the answers before we step into the publishing world. We just need a great story and the guts to show it to others. It always comes back to that.

Remember show and tell at school? Some kids were horrible at showing what they brought, no matter how intriguing the object was, while others could bring a dirty rock and make it seem the most interesting possession. The delivery was the secret to success. And so it is still when dealing with the publishing world. You gotta wanna! Gotta deliver the goods! Gotta believe in yourself! and ... Gotta have what others want! (I'm talking about a good story here:)

And of course I know about Stephanie Meyers TWILIGHT because I'm a children's librarian!! TWILIGHT is a best-selling YA book! (Young Adult for you nonlibrary type folks) I know all about "Opening Night" because it was on the front section of last night's paper! duh! And I went to the Stephanie Meyers you tube sight. (did I spell that right?)

And if you happen to be a young man, you might want to buy a ticket for tonight's showing, or read the book; for heavens sake, do something to get involved with all the hub-bub! Talk about a great conversation starter! Young women everywhere will be soooooo impressed.

Enough with the match-making. I can do no more here.

Til next time ~

DL Larson

PS: sorry I didn't post an excerpt from one of my WIP, but I wanted to share this with you instead. So ... I'll keep in mind I owe everyone a WIP tidbit.


Morgan Mandel said...

If only I'd come up with her idea!

Morgan Mandel

Margot Justes said...

Hi Deb,
Just getting into the supernatural genre, I have read Kat Richardson's Greywalker and enjoyed it a great deal-maybe I'll break down and actually go to the movies-but most likely I'll just read the book.

Margot Justes

Unknown said...

Endeavor to persevere! I'd love to see "Memories Trail" on the big screen!

Deb Larson said...

I've only read two of the four books! But they are on my short list of books to read. Thanks for sharing. And yes, Memories Trail would be fantastic to see on the big screen.