Thursday, June 19, 2008


Some have asked how I did it. Here is the process I followed. Luck is a lady --

Writing an informative, enticing email and targeting it well CAN land you a feature article in a major newspaper as I learned recently.Takes persistence and patience, but here is how I managed to get myself almost a full page in the Charleston WV Gazette -- largest circulation in the state.

I read the paper each week, mostly on Sundays, but I noticed that on Fridays they do a "local person of interest" -- and I am nothing if not colorful. That's what happens when you move from Chicago to Charleston, you get colorful. At any rate, I noted the contact information on the reporter who did the local symphony lady who also opened up her own small business. In depth, well-done article. I contacted the author of the piece, complimented said article then launched into a brief descript of myself and my "newsworthiness" -- keeping it light, even humorous, but also getting in some great details as to why his readers might find my story of interest.

The reporter responded quickly, surprising me, but with the caveat that he'd be busy until after May 20th and to make a reminder contact then. I did so, following up. The next email from him was asking when and where we could meet so he could schedule
a photographer.

The story appeared under the heading Paperback Writer with a huge photo displaying not only my mug but the stack of books I'd brought with me (and lucky I did as the
bookstore - coffeeshop we met at had NONE!) I autographed Bill's pick of the books for him after the interview.

To see the nice jog Bill Lynch did on me you can find it here:

Interview in the Charleston Gazette --

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