Wednesday, August 1, 2007


If I seem disjointed, I kind of am. As usual, I try to fit too much into my free day. Add to that, I had a new toy to figure out.

Yes, I fell for it. I bought an iPhone and I love it!
The learning and setting up part was the pits, but now I'm in the happy phase where I sort of know what I'm doing and am experimenting.

Anyway, a while back I had reserved a display case at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library to highlight the Chicago-North Chapter of Romance Writers of America, to which I belong.

Today was the set-up day. I had three tiers to work in - two glass shelves and the bottom wooden shelf to fill up. It took me almost two hours of moving books and photos different ways to figure out how everything should look.

When I was through, as a bonus I got to use my new toy and take photos. Lots of sunlight and glass made getting good results a challenge, but I tried different angles until I found some that worked pretty well.
It was very easy to migrate the photos to my computer. Somehow the laptop knew exactly what to do. Okay, probably the new iTunes software I was instructed to install at the beginning had something to do with it.

I also figured out how to set up my e-mail and e-mailed one of my photos to myself and it worked!

Well, I'm off now to spend a few more dollars buying iTunes----

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