Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What to leave in and what to leave out

There's been some discussion on various writers's forums and blogs about certain conferences only allowing writers who are on MWA or RWA "approved publishers" lists to sell their books or participate in conference panels or presentations.

This is unfortunate, because when a conference limits participation, that conference, in many ways, does a disservice to the reading and writing community.  There is simply no way that fewer choices can be better.

The argument about "standards" is a hollow and self-serving one and not worth rehashing here.

I'm happy, then, to be associated with Love is Murder (www.loveismurder.net).  With no disrespect to any other conference, I believe most will agree -- and LIMCON prides itself on this -- that Love is Murder is one of the most inclusive conferences/conventions that celebrates the "dark fiction" genres.

- If you are published with a traditional publisher, there are panel and presentation opportunities.
- If you are published with a non-traditional publisher (small press, indie press, e-press, etc), there are panel and presentation opportunities.
- If you are self-published, there are panel and presentation opportunities.
- If you are to-be published, there are mulitple opportunities, from my own Novelist's Boot Camp to master classes to panels and presentations on the craft and business and joy of writing.
- If you write (or read) short fiction, write for (or read) e-zines, love true crime, are an avid reader, want to meet librarians, agents, academics, editors, reviewers, fans, readers, or writers in like-stages of their careers, want to sample great Scotch Whisky, meet authors from all kinds of writing backgrounds, there are more opportunities than you'll be able to take advantage of in LIMCON's three days.
- Even our LIMCON bookseller is an independent-- www.brnsncks.com. She will sell your book--just coordinate.

LIMCON has MWMWA and SinC representation (and RWA as well) on our board, but as an independent NPO (non-profit organization) we are indeed independent. Not on somebody's approved list? Ain't no problem at Love is Murder. Write cross-genre speculative-erotic-suspense-mystery? A mainstream tough PI series? Searching for a publisher? Pack your coat and come to Chicago in February.
Almost every conference has something to offer writers and readers. We think Love is Murder offers something unique, intimate, fun, and inclusive. Please consider this blog  your personal invitation to put yourself on our list of attendees for LIMCON's tenth anniversary this coming February, put yourself through the Novelist's Boot Camp, and have a wee nip at our whiskey tasting.

See you at Sinc's WriterFest in St. Louis and then again in February!


Deb Larson said...

Where do I sign up?! I may not be a murder mystery writer ... but I feel the urge to join in and learn more and meet more writers.

Morgan Mandel said...

A great loss to the other conferences. Somehow the sponsors have lost the entire spirit of what they should be promoting.
Love is Murder on Dark & Stormy Nights is the best!! That's how I got my start.
Morgan Mandel

Morgan Mandel said...

The website to sign up is

Morgan Mandel

Sela Carsen said...

SinC? Further please? I live in StL and would love more info.