Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to cope with the rat race

Get into the slow lane. That's what Terri and I have done. We're somewhere north of cell phone and Internet access (had to travel 25 minutes to find a town with a library with dial-up to post this) in rural Ontario, Canada. For those of you who are detectives, we're near the offical home of Wiarton Willie. While the skies are gray, the air is clean, the people friendly, and the water in in bay is clear twenty feet down. Things move much more slowly here, there is no constant hum of expressway traffic, and without the city lights the stars are so close you can reach out and almost, almost, just about--touch them. It is in many ways a writer's paradise. Not that I'll work much--the schedule is full of back porch relaxing and long naps on the couch. But in the quiet there is time to think, to plan, to generate ideas, and to enjoy good friends and family. Like the old biker once said, "never be afraid to slow down."
Good advice for writers as well, eh?

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Terri Stone said...

But we've still managed to find a library with internet access as we are checking our email at this very moment. Still, we are taking it easier than we do back at home.