Sunday, October 14, 2012

Road Rally

Last night the hubby and I and some friends participated in a Road Rally through our church. You know, one of those events where you get a bunch of clues and have to drive around to find the right locations? Once there you have to either grab your designated ticket or take a picture of something specific with two of your team members in it. The last clue took you to the final destination and after-party for appetizers and drinks.

We had a blast! The outcome and subsequent rankings for the top three spots were dependendent on three things: your time, your mileage, and how many of the clues you figured out. Overall we wound up in fourth place out of twenty or so: not too bad, but just outside the margin of earning a trophy. But way over the margin of friends on another team who vowed to 'kick our butts' but didn't even finish in the top ten.

It was great to see the mix of people who came out: men, women, young, old. Team sizes varied: there were twos, fours, sixes. Everyone seemed to have a good time...and everyone was accounted for in the end!

All in all, it was a really fun way to spend a Saturday night. And the weather cooperated as well. It was supposed to rain (a lot!), but it held off until everything was over. (We did have one 'incident' with a forest preserve ranger, but that was kind of funny, too.)

Will I work a Road Rally into a book someday? Probably not, but who knows? It could be a fun way to hook the hero and heroine up and send them on a quest.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!

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Morgan Mandel said...

I think you should include a Road Rally in a book. It would be cute!

Morgan Mandel

Debra St. John said...

It could work...:)