Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seeing New Things! by DL Larson

I'm writing today from Orlando, Florida. It's been a beautiful week of relaxing and going to places I have never visited. My husband's company has given us a fabulous trip with private dinners and private showings at Universal Studios. I walked through Hogsmeade ~ the Harry Potter village, rode the Dragon Challenge roller coaster, at night no less, and survived the forbidden journey through Hogwart Castle. I drank butter beer, a bit too sweet for me, but tasty, and I enjoyed buying rolling eye balls at the novelty shop. I purchased the perfect wand and my suitcase will be strained with my purchase of Fluffy, the three-headed stuffed dog and a few other treasures I couldn't live without.

My real triumph was riding in a Richard Petty race car! I do love the need for speed. Three laps around the track at over 140 mph left me grinning and knees a bit wobbly. The rest of the day was a blur of activity watching Shrek in moveable chairs, helping Spiderman capture the bad guys and finding Poisidon's lost treasure. I got soaked in Jurassic Park and felt deprived because the cable rides were for those with children. I desperately wanted to borrow a child so I could soar above the trees and view the park from above.

Last night at our gala dinner the entertainment was spectacular with an artist who happens to be reknown as the fastest artist in the world. Watching him splatter paint on a black canvas enthralled me. In a matter of minutes the image took shape, and Jeff Gordon, the famous race car driver came on stage and signed the painting of his likeness. Jeff was our guest speaker for the evening and spoke about chasing after dreams, not giving up and always, always to keep trying. He was relating his life's journey to that of my husband's business, but I realized Jeff's message was just as true for my profession ~ writing!

As Jeff Gordon said last night, "if you want to succeed, you have to put yourself out there."

I intend to do just that!

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Terry Odell said...

It's refreshing to see a different point of view. I lived in Orlando, within hearing distance of Universal Studios for over 20 years (I even worked there for a stint) and am delighted to be far, far away now. So often we forget how "outsiders" see the things we've had enough of.

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El Alma del Vino said...

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Juan Cuatrecasas
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Sutton Fox said...

Sounds like you've had a great time. Good for you!

It always helps the words on the page when you take a break and see something new.

Morgan Mandel said...

I would have been petrified being a car going that fast!

I'm seeing some new things too, lately, now that the snow is clearing here. Hope it doesn't come back.

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

Terry ~ I sure wouldn't want to live next to Universal Studios either. A week was more than enough for me.

Sutton ~ it's so true, time away has a way of rejuvenating our spirits. I really needed to get away for awhile!

Juan ~ thanks for stopping by, hope you return again!

Morgan ~ We returned to nearly no snow - Yeah!! But I have a feeling we haven't see the last of it. Hopefully it won't last much longer ~ Spring was in the air in Florida. Oh how I wished I could bag it up and bring it home with me!

Thanks everyone for stopping by.
DL Larson