Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elevator Pitch Time by Morgan Mandel

I haven't done this for a while, so here goes.

It's elevator pitch time. In case you don't know what that is, it's a very short description of your book, including a great hook to grab our attention and a tease to pique our interest. Don't make it too long, or we'll get bored. Leave a buy link and website or blogspot, if you wish. Only one pitch, please.

Here's mine:

Julie's decision to give up her partnership and become a full-time writer angers and hurts her bestfriend and law partner, Dade. Her attraction to bestselling author, Tyler, who harbors a dangerous secret, leads to further alienation from Dade, along with surprising and disturbing discoveries. Does Tyler merely write about murders? Is Dade only a bestfriend, or something more?
Now 99 cents on kindle .

Your turn. Leave your elevator pitch in the comment section.


peter guttridge said...

Brighton, England, 1934. A woman's naked torso is found in a cabin trunk at the railway station's left luggage office. Her legs and feet are found in a suitcase at King's Cross Station, London. Her head is never found so she is never identified. The identity of her killer remains a mystery. Until now...
[City of Dreadful Night, available from Amazon, more details at]

Mona Risk said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive ~ Walter Scott.
Successful physician and loving mother, she fiercely believes youthful mistakes should be kept secrets. The French psychiatrist who loves her detests secrets. Can he help her conquer her inner fears or will he get burned by the past too?

Chris Redding said...

An EMT and a firefighter, ex-lovers, must team up to track down a serial arsonist in their town.

Milton Trachtenburg said...

"Sometimes I hear voices."

This is the first line of a therapist's journey with five women who suffered abuse as children only to see the situation repeat in their adult lives.

Marianne is a young mother whose husband beat her nearly to death: "I have anger. ... No, I HAVE RAGE. I have to tell and tell and tell ... No more protecting the ones who hurt me."

Ellen is an eighteen-year-old whose father and brothers verbally and physically abused her all her life: "This is my last chance. If you can't help me, I am going to die tonight."

"Stop the Merry-Go-Round: Stories of Women Who Broke the Cycle of Abusive Relationships."

Morgan, thanks for the opportunity to post.

PatriciaRasey said...

What a Novel idea! Thanks for the opportunity...

Kiss of Deceit: Marcus "Snake" Gallego lives in the fast lane. Nothing seems to touch him, not until his faithless wife turns up dead, and a pretty little detective slams his head against a bar.

LeAnne McVeigh has a murderer to catch and "Snake" is a prime suspect. She fights her growing attraction to the biker, but the pull is too strong. She may be his only hope at freedom.

Nancy said...

A dead body, stolen land deals, and a beautiful woman lead Texas Ranger Tyrone Calhoun Dixon into a world of trouble. Pitted against Yellow Jack Anderson, a half breed gambler, can Tyrone save her ranch and coax the beautiful widow back to life? If he does, will his badge be enough to protect her and shield his heart in A Ranger's Honor.

This book is looking for a home.

Unknown said...

Welcome to the last best white spot in America, where L.A. Confidential meets Chinatown and gives the wild, wild west new meaning. Travel down a dark road past blind-pigs filled with rot gut and shadowy grifters. Where an LAPD officer tangles with a beautiful, mysterious woman and loses.

Helen Ginger said...

Angel has a plan. After ten years on the streets, she’s decided to go home, ask her mother why she loved her one day, then threw her out like garbage the next. First she has to get her high school diploma and buy a car and a gun.

Erin Aslin said...

“When Lisa Trubin falls in love with Mark Wally and discovers that he’s not all he seemed to be, can she save herself from his seductive grasp and overcome his power over her?”

Readers will be inspired by the unfolding of Lisa’s story, which is told in this insightful debut novel from writer Erin Aslin. Written from the heart, "Through the Clouds" will appeal to diverse audience, especially women, inspiring them to awaken to their dysfunctional relationships, and to see that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

carl brookins said...

P.I. Sean NMI Sean repels an unprovoked attack in a client's backyard. Does it have something to do with the discovery of a stash of money from a 50-year-old train robbery? Then there's that rusty revolver dug up by the kid's dog.
THE CASE OF THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, another fun adventure by the short guy.

Ron Adams said...

Key Lime Squeeze follows Buffalo P.I. Joe Banks as he answers a plea from a mob princess to locate her runaway husband, insurance executive, Robert Boothby.

Saddled with the crime family's enforcer for a traveling companion, Banks tracks Boothby to the Florida Keys, and soon learns he is not the only one interested in locating the missing Insurance mogul.

Allies become enemies in a cat and mouse game of murder and deceit as Banks discovers who to trust, and who's in on the squeeze.

Ron Adams
Key Lime Squeeze is now available for the Kindle and other e-book readers

BodieP said...

Meet Weldon Frame, self-diagnosed shrewd businessman, babe magnet, and mail room clerk extraordinaire.
Meet Annie, Weldon’s ex-girlfriend, mother of his unexpected child, and recently-identified gold-digging stone-cold bitch. Meet Stan, Prince of Demons with whom Weldon strikes a contract in search of a little payback.
Meet Angela, born-again Christian with a jones for Stan. Meet Grandma, a ghost who liked the family dog a little too well. Meet the Freak...well, maybe not. Meet the Coppess, a gum-snapping state trooper who has Weldon’s sterling piece of American automotive engineering towed, leaving him afoot and furious in the middle of the Southern California desert night.

Clearly, Payback is in order.
The rest is inevitable.

Redeeming Stanley is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.

BrennaLyons said...

Zondra Daahn has hit the quickening of her sexual maturity with no warning. She's on the prowl for a male to sate her, and Evan Duncan is just the alpha male she needs. There are just a few little problems. In human years, she's not quite seventeen, she's the fleet Admiral's goddaughter, and her Zhigaaah (sex pheromones) may permanently tie Evan to her.

MATING SEASON by Brenna Lyons Available from LooseId now!

Lillie Ammann said...

Marilee’s nightmare comes to life when the murder she dreams of really happens. She and the victim’s brother, David, become suspects and team up to clear their names. Does “the crazy lady” know anything or is she just delusional? Does the cheating couple on the victim’s floor have any information? What about the abusive men in the victim’s life? Will Marilee and David find the killer? Or will they end up in jail—or dead?

Dream or Destiny available in paperback and ebook formats

Unknown said...

It’s 1886. The wagon carrying Odessa Clay and her father overturns, killing him. Alone and frightened in the desert, she faces finding her way to Phoenix and Aunt Susan. Her food and water run out, and Odessa is near death when Zach Johnson finds her. On his way to becoming a reluctant outlaw, he can’t leave such a young beauty to die. She awakens in his arms, thinking she’s already died and gone to heaven, and for him, now not only his father’s land is at stake—he faces losing his heart, too.

Coming in 2011 from Eternal Press, Odessa.

Roberta said...

Tourists worship the Greek sun, but a gentleman cat on the island of Karpathos threw a hissy fit about it. Can he score a one-way ticket to escape the remote chunk of rock in the Aegean?

My story appears in Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them (Enspirio House, an imprint of Word Forge Books), available at amazon as a trade paperback.

Bobbye Terry said...

Maggie’s back, but afraid to face Blue, her first and only love. She holds a secret that can shatter his trust once again. Blue has never stopped loving her, but can he get close to the ice queen? Neither of them realizes more lies at stake than erosion of trust. Danger lurks in the sleepy little backwoods town. Numerous Climax citizens risk injury and death from dark intruders. Mafia ties entwine numerous lives. Formerly concealed identities chance exposure. And, a psychotic serial killer eliminating male residents, spirals out of control, with Blue as his last targeted victim. Tension builds to a climax as they fight to discover the truth. Will they both live to find it?

Coming to Climax, September 5, 2011, Turquoise Morning Press

bo parker said...

It had been less than twenty-four hours, including a sleepless night, since the phone call. Its impact, felt on a visceral level, was so filled with implications that the brain refused to turn the feelings into coherent thoughts.
The note card in the middle of the green desk pad was a faint yellow rectangle in the half-light of pre-sunrise dawn that filtered in through a window beside the desk. The swing-arm lamp, when switched on, became a single overhead spotlight illuminating the card, the only object on an empty stage. A single line was written on it, in black ink. A dollar sign, a single digit, a comma, three zeros, another comma, and three more zeros.
PERCEPTIONS, Second in the Joe McKibben Mystery Series Coming late 2011

Stephen L. Brayton said...

Night Shadows

Des Moines Homicide detective Harry Reznik teams with F.B.I. agent Lori Campisi to investigate a series of gruesome murders.

While dealing with personal problems, the unlikely pair find themselves battling malevolent creatures from another dimension.

See more at

Margot Justes said...

Art brought her to Paris, then a stranger's death changes her life.
A Hotel in Paris

Susanne Alleyn said...

Paris, 1793: In the midst of the Reign of Terror, police agent Aristide Ravel must hunt down a ruthless killer who is leaving decapitated corpses across the city, paralleling the ever more numerous victims of the guillotine.

St. Martin's Minotaur
Amazon, eBook, & in bookstores

WS Gager said...

Mitch Malone hates hospitals, but when a suspicious traffic accident lands a comatose victim in the hospital, he must put that aside to find the truth. The surface looks smooth but the more the crime beat reporter looks the more bodies pop up, including a private detective and his own editor. Can he get to the truth before the surviving victim is murdered in her hospital bed and an elderly witness has a heart attack? Will he get his exclusive printed before he's the next victim?

A Case of Accidental Intersection
Oak Tree Press
Just released in Kindle version!

Rose A. Valenta said...

A new way to describe Murphy's Law, political scandals, our screwed up economy, and life in general - Sitting on Cold Porcelain.
More details at

Fiona McGier said...

Enrique Reyes was named after his grandfather, and together they visited his hometown in Mexico, where Enrique is now happy being the doctor. The only thing he is missing is a wife. When Tanora Doyle, a bi-racial research biologist arrives in town, he is intrigued. But will the baggage she carries keep them apart? Or can Enrique cure whatever ails her, and solve his problem as well?

Free download of Prescription For Love, 6th Reyes Family Romance:
Read and answer the one question on my website's blog (, e-mail me the answer, and on Dec. 15 I will draw names for autographed paperbacks of either my 4th or 5th book.

Margaret Tanner said...

Fleeing from her ruthless English in-laws who are intent on stealing her child, Holly Kirwan boards a flight home to Australia and meets Justin Devereux. They are instantly attracted to each other.
Justin doesn’t want a permanent woman in his life, particularly one with a baby in tow. Holly, still grieving for her soldier husband who was killed in Iraq, doesn’t want to be disloyal to his memory.
Can the young widow and the commitment shy tycoon ever find happiness together?

Published by The Wild Rose Press

L.J. Sellers said...

A dead girl, a ticking bomb, a Bible study that's not what it appears to be, and a detective who won't give up.

—The Sex Club, the first book in the Detective Jackson Mysteries by L.J. Sellers

Jessie Crockett said...

Volunteer fire chief Gwen Fifield fends off doughnut cravings, romantic advances and sisterly advice as she pursues an arsonist turned murderer through her tiny New Hampshire village.

Live Free or Die, A Granite State Mystery by Jessie Crockett

Available in Trade Paperback, Kindle or Smashwords

Tina said...

Recipe for a bad first day at your new gun shop: a fresh corpse in the driveway, a brother on the lam, and a cop on your doorstep. Add a dead Confederate soldier, a live stripper and some Krav Maga. Just another day in Atlanta, GA.

by Tina Whittle
Available February 2011 from Poisoned Pen Press

Deb Larson said...

Kentucky 1840 ~ A family man, shattered by an abusive childhood, harms himself. His wife's love pulls him away from his destructive ways and offers a life he has always wanted, but felt he didn't deserve. A story about trust winning over betrayal.

Promises My Love
by DL Larson
2nd Book in the Promises Series
available when someone decides to buy my novel!

Rachel Smith said...

Sam “Killer” Carnehan is on the skids—a washed-up, has-been fighter with nowhere to go but down. “Georgia” is running from her past, but looking for it too. She needs Sam for protection; he craves her acceptance. Together they could rise from the ashes, or really go down in flames.

THIS TRAIN by Rachel Smith
EPIC ebook award finalist

Anonymous said...

Allie Grainger returns to Cape Canaveral, Florida to mourn her aunt’s death and the end of her marriage. Within twenty-four hours, she stumbles on a woman's body floating in the water at the Canaveral jetty, a woman who looks enough like Allie to be her twin sister. Three men enter Allie’s life. She is pretty sure one of them is the killer, and she begins to suspect she may be his next target.

First book in a series - Check out the sequel at:

Terri Jones said...

Jade Hamilton is a beautiful twenty-four year old, that has had paranormal visions since she was ten.
The most recent vision has Jade kidnapping six year old Emmie Linderhoff, and running with her.
Emmie's parents have been murdered and Emmie is next. Jade must keep the child safe from the faceless killer and herself out of jail for kidnapping.
Detective, Ryan Douglas, is a friend of Jade's dad, Walt Hamilton. Can he help? Will he help?
Twist and turns will have you laughing and crying in this roller-coaster paranormal murder mystery.


Donna Fletcher Crow said...

Felicity went to the Monastery to prepare for her future. Antony went to the monastery to escape his past. A brutal murder launches them both into unknown territory.

A VERY PRIVATE GRAVE, Book 1, The Monastery Murders

See the video and buy the book:

Timothy Hallinan said...

CRASHED introduces Junior Bender, a burglar who moonlights as a private eye -- for crooks. An art theft gone wildly wrong puts Junior in the clutches of a San Fernando Valley crime queenpin who forces him to protect from sabotage the big-budget porn movie she's shooting. The problem is that the film stars a former child actress, once the toast of televison, but now in her twenties and drugged much of the time -- and Junior's twelve-year-old daughter is her biggest fan. Junior's problem: to prevent the film from being made while getting the young actress back together, and -- oh, yeah --remaining alive.

Gerald M. Weinberg said...

The Hands of God
How would you live if you lost your hands? Could you feed and clean yourself? Dress yourself, or even tie your shoes?

Orphaned Pamela compensates for her missing hands by developing an extraordinary ability to visualize and predict patterns. When she uses this ability to pick winning horses, she becomes entangled with bookies and gangs.

When she uses it to save the lives of young leukemia victims, her runaway guardian returns to sell her into virtual slavery to a giant medical corporation. Now she must choose between new hands for herself or new lives for hundreds of leukemia victims.

Book View Café:


Deanna Jewel said...

Thanks for this opportunity! I'm letting my readers know about this site!

NEVER SURRENDER: Is it possible for souls to travel through time and reunite more than 100 years later? A Shoshone warrior from 1835 is searching for his soul mate and pulls Kate back through time when she touches the petroglyphs in Dubois Wyoming. Will she forgive him for interrupting her life and forcing her to live in his time? The two endure personality clashes and shape shifters before they realize what the Great Spirit has in store for them.

hank quense said...

Laughter is like free health insurance: you can't get too much of it. This book will give you enough laughs to boost your health.
It's filled with delightful entertainment. Without commercial interruption!
Gundarland is populated by humans, dwarfs, elves and other races; it's the backdrop for unique adventures, brilliant heroes and cunning villains.
There are six short stories and two novellas in here. All are new. You'll meet some of Shakespeare's most famous characters, a warrior-cook, vigilantes, a trio of beautiful, lusty princesses to mention just a few of the memorable characters in the stories.

Go here for more info:

ElaineCharton said...

TJ OMalley finds a body lying face down in the lake near his home. Barely alive, the woman is a ghost from a past he is trying to leave behind.
Mac wakes up in a strange town, in a strange bed, in a strange house. Who is the man with the eye patch and why does he look so damn familiar?

Mac's Man

Sparkle said...

So you say you have some "problems" with your cat? Well, maybe your cat has some problems with YOU! The internet's Dear Abby With Claws has the solutions to your kitty's conundrums in this book, with 70 Q&As presented in an award-winning, full-color layout. Dear Sparkle: Cat-to-Cat Advice From the World's Foremost Feline Columnist is definitely NOT your usual human-written cat book.

Susan Wingate said...

Life at the diner had gotten complicated for Georgette... again. After a whirlwind romance with Hawthorne prompts from him a 3-carat diamond ring, one of her closest friends is found brutally murdered. The wedding announcement seems to irk Willy, Sunnydale's police chief. But, wait! Where's Gangster, her beloved cat? As people begin to point fingers, Georgette is certain Hawthorne isn't involved in the crime. That is, until, he goes missing too.
Only $12.95 for paperback at
and only $7.95 in ebook at:

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan,

What fun--thank you so much!

Still wounded from a disastrous love affair, advertising executive Ethan Phillips has spent the past five years outwitting Cupid with a series of dekes and fakes. Who knew the tricky cherub would get wise? Rather than piercing Ethan’s heart with an arrow, he douses it with amaretto-flavored milk. A quick visit to the drycleaner and a stern lecture on the dangers of gorgeous, charming women, and he figures he’s made another clean getaway.
But when the sexy woman turns out to be Chase Logan, his new systems programmer, Ethan’s got no where to run. Suddenly, the man who spent his time running from Cupid, is now looking to borrow a few arrows. Ethan’s ready to give chase and pursue love. Will he catch the heart of his programmer or just be left catching his breath?

Amazon Link:

My site:

Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

Joel M. Andre said...

An unspeakable evil takes Detective Lauren Bruni to the edge of darkness in her soul. The tale is a mixture of dark humor and old fashioned horror.

.99 Kindle Edition


Kathryn Casey said...

THE KILLING STORM: Chosen by Library Journal as one of the best books of 2010!

A quiet afternoon in the park, and four-year-old Joey Warner plays in the sandbox, when a stranger approaches looking for his runaway dog. While Joey’s mom, Crystal, talks on her cell phone, the stranger convinces the child to help search. By the time Crystal turns around, her son has disappeared. Yet her behavior is odd, not what one would expect from a distraught mother. Is Crystal Warner somehow involved in her son’s abduction?

Meanwhile, on a cattle ranch outside Houston, Texas Ranger Sarah Armstrong assesses a symbol left on the hide of a slaughtered longhorn, a figure that dates back to a forgotten era of sugarcane plantations and slavery. Soon other prizewinning bulls are butchered on the outskirts of the city, each bearing a different but similar drawing. Before long, the investigations converge at the same time a catastrophic hurricane threatens.

Someone very close to Sarah is brutally murdered, and the clock ticks, as the storm moves in. If Sarah doesn’t act quickly, the child will die.

Now Available through most major booksellers:

John Betcher said...

My name is William Kensey. Until very recently, I was a well-respected and financially successful trial attorney.

I was also a man who preferred his religion served at arm's length from the pulpit on Sunday morning. And would rather not discuss it the rest of the week.

The circumstances that led me to write A HIGHER COURT changed all that. The entire experience was both bizarre and unavoidable. You see, I was summoned to serve as a juror in an improbable trial -- a trial to determine whether God exists.

I know.

You think that sounds ludicrous. I did, too . . . until the trial began.

Witnesses buried me under mountains of scientific evidence. My own eyes forced me to confront the reality of extreme human suffering. God seemed less and less relevant -- even absent -- as the trial progressed.

At the close of the trial, I had to render my verdict -- "God" or "No God." Affirm a new and deeper faith in a Creator, or confess the triumph of science.

A HIGHER COURT is the story of how I discovered the ultimate truth.

Cloud Riser said...

Darien Oceina is the youngest son of the Great Dragon Lord, and well, a dragon. Falling in love is hard enough, but falling in love with a girl that he's forced into marriage who hates his guts? That's even harder. Trying to make that marriage work in the middle of a great war: near impossible.


Technology has taken a few big leaps in the genetic field. One nation, Lux, has discovered a way to predict an individuals talents before they're even born. The government of Lux has each citizen categorized and controlled based on these talents. Marriages are arranged, reproduction carefully monitored, and jobs are chosen by this system. Hope lies within an underground revolution headed by some of the country's elite. They're called The Blue.

Free @

WARNING: This establishment is loud, rude, and otherwise offensive. We like kids, but we're not family oriented. We are not chipper at 4:00 A.M.


Jamie Heppner said...

With the distruction of the world caused by a solar flare. Shade find's himself struggling in the aftermath of a world flipped upside down. All the comforts he used to take for granted no longer work. Electricity refuses to flow and the people that used it are changing in ways that are hard for everyone to understand. With this earth shattering event the world they are only just becoming comfortable in begins to spiral out of control. When things seem to be settling down Shade's father brings home an unexpected visitor who can't speak as others do and can't remember what happened. Forced to confront her past she must decide to save her new family or the friends she has made.
this book is looking for a home...

Jessie Verino said...

Want to write a paranormal or sci-fi, but don't know where to start with the world building? Fundamentals of World Building is just what you need. A handy guide to have when starting a speculative fiction work, along with an extensive worksheet.
Available in print and for Kindle and other e-book formats.

Judi Moreo said...

Have you ever felt like you could have, should have, or would have been more, if had been different in some way? Are you struggling with finding your life purpose? Are you disappointed and discouraged with where you are or where you seem to be headed? If so, this book will make your life a little easier, a bit more successful, and a great deal more satisying. It is full of support and encouragement.

Gwen Mayo said...

Circle of Dishonor is a historical mystery set in 1879 Kentucky. A group of prostitutes hire Nessa Donnelly, a former Pinkerton Agent, to investigate when the body a Lexington tobacco tycoon is discovered in their brothel. The case turns ugly when Nessa discovers the notorious Knights of the Golden Circle are involved.

Anonymous said...

A scientific breakthrough in Einstein-Rosen Bridges, or wormholes, is stolen by a group of misguided M.I.T. graduate students. They scheme to usher in a global science-based oligarchy. Greed, betrayal, murder, mayhem, spiritual contemplation, and unconditional love define the power-play struggle in this fast-paced suspense thriller of technology gone too far. As the death toll mounts, will Chase Manhattan and a multi-faceted cast of characters escape their hit list and destroy the discovery which threatens life as we know it?

Author Peg Herring said...

Tori VanCamp awakens on a cruise ship, but she has no memory of booking a vacation. What she does recall is being murdered, and it's a vivid memory.
Peg Herring's THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY is coming from LL Publishing on January 15, 2011.


Do you believe in God, life after death, or nothingness? This book explores the world of science, religion and atheism and integrates them into the aspects of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century physics. It ponders life and death experiences and includes the author’s own near death experience. Posing many questions about the realm of our existence, it stresses the importance of promoting humanity without exclusionary elements of human prejudice.


Vincent Zandri said...





RJ McDonnell said...

Rock & Roll Rip-Off was unanimously selected 2010 Mystery/Thriller of the Year by the judges at Premier Book Awards.

PI and former club musician, Jason Duffy, is hired by a career studio musician to recover a stolen music memorabilia collection. But this simple burglary case soon turns deadly as Jason discovers why it was stolen.
$2.99 on Kindle

jenny milchman said...

What a great idea! My novel is on submission. Hopefully one day soon (OK, a year or so from now) you'll run this column again, and I can share mine. In the meantime, I found a whole bunch of books to look up--

KK Brees said...

Recalled to service in the OSS, Professor Katrin Nissen finds herself Winston Churchill's last hope to stop Hitler before the invasion of Norway. Along the way she lays the groundwork for the Danish Resistance.

Anonymous said...

Life Choices:Putting the Pieces Together is the second book in the Life Choices series. In the first book Life Choices:Navigating Difficult Paths I shared by transformation from a member of Toastmasters Int'l to speaker to author.In the latest book I share some of my life losses and how I was able to put the pieces back together.

Web Site:

Suzanne White said...

And here's mine: THE NEW ASTROLOGY™ Djever wonder what might happen if you introduced your western astrological sign to your Chinese animal sign and they got married?

Say you're a Cancer and you were born in a Dragon year. That makes you a Cancer/Dragon. Cancer/Dogs are entirely different from you. As are Cancer/Oxen and Cancer/Pigs. There are 144 NEW astrology signs.

THE NEW ASTROLOGY™ describes all 144 NEW character types in detail. Accurate. Astounding. Spot on. You will think author Suzanne White has been reading your email. Available on Kindle. Join me on Facebook. "Suzanne White author"