Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't Beat Up Your Blessings! by DL Larson

This time of year many of us take a moment to reflect on the past, grimacing at what we did not accomplish and skimming over the many wonderful things we have been blessed with! I want to remind all of us not to ignore our blessings!

As I sit at my computer, I glanced around at the dozens of boxes I waded through to reach my desk. The boxes are empty now and why all the discarded Christmas cast offs ended up in my office is still unclear, but I realized several things as I made my way across the room. It doesn't matter what was in the boxes, the pile represents the giving and joy behind the present. What a blessing to have a family who cares for one another.

Next I glanced at the correspondence I have to deal with. Instead of sighing with exasperation at once again being behind schedule, I take a moment to be thankful for opportunities available to me. I have choices, decisions to be made, and no one will interfere with my commitments, no one will step in and say, "hey, lady, you can't do that." I have two blessings all mingled together in a pile of mail, choice and opportunity. How wonderful is that?

My WIP is tucked away for the time being and I can hear my characters through the cupboard door snipping at me to make them a priority in my life. Okay, yes, that sounds a bit unbalanced that make-believe characters are talking to me, but if you are a writer, I hope you understand the pressing need consuming me to return to my work in progresss. They aren't going anywhere until I do something with them. They haven't tried to escape, no one else knows who they are or what they are capable of, except me! What a blessing to have my characters, my story-line hanging around waiting for me.

I've just been told our electricity is about to be turned off due to some repair work needed to be completed, so I will wrap this up quickly. Sometimes blessings are disguised as problems, conflicts, and frustating situations. Don't miss out on a blessing simply because it doesn't fit the perfect description of what a blessing is supposed to be. Hard work and conflict are some of the best opportunities we can ever hope to have.

Happy New Year!

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Morgan Mandel said...

I lost my job of 38 years yesterday. I'm considering it a blessing since I'll have more time to get my house in order and write.

Still, I'll have to get a new one within a year, which is not a blessing, but I'm hoping somehow it will all fall into place.

Morgan Mandel

Kay Theodoratus said...

Boxes and piles. My constant "resolution" is to get organized, and I supposedly devote at least a half-hour a day to keeping my desks workably clear. Seems I still create story structures with pen and paper, but I don't get upset if I don't.

But then, I consider squeezing out time for writing a "blessing" in and of itself.

Nicole MacDonald said...

My characters are all mumbling in my head, I'm in plotting for book 2 and I want it plotted out as much as possible so I can 'see' it on the movie reel inside my mind *grin* then I can write :) can't wait!

The Arrival, book one of the BirthRight Trilogy, on Amazon 1.1.2011

Deb Larson said...

Morgan: WOW! Blessings come to us in strange ways ~ maybe the extra time away from "structured" work will inspire you all the more. Good luck, girl!!

Kay: Organization is a huge Blessing ~ one that is a constant battle for me!

Nicole: you're my kind of gal! My characters are always pestering me to take more time to write ~ glad you understand - and I also see my books like a movie in my head. I love zeroing in and looking around with their eyes! Good luck with the launch of your book!!!
DL Larson