Thursday, September 30, 2010

You Have All You Need ... by DL Larson

Last week I was a bit under the weather, overextended from trying to do too much, mourning the loss of my mom, all the while fighting off a raspy throat, allergy thing. I also had a deadline coming up for a skit I had agreed to write.

I had done my research for the skit about the history of an organization very dear to me, the Foods Resource Bank, a grassroots Christian group who takes on agricultural projects in rural areas around the world. I knew what I wanted to write, I had done my research, had asked the right people for details that turn a simple story into a meaningful one. All I had to do was put words to paper, yet I didn't and the deadline crept closer and closer.

One evening I was dozing on the couch, watching a late night inspirational speaker on TV. I was in that state of not really listening, but his words made my eyes pop open. He was staring right at me on our big flat screen as if waiting for me to acknowledge him. His statement was simple yet poignant, "You have all you need to complete your task. God's silence is simply his assurance that you will succeed."

Well, who wants to argue with that kind of statement? I rationalized the message was a general one and held numerous meanings, yet I couldn't shrug off the inspiration it had given me. In essence I had been waiting to give myself permission to complete my task. I still wasn't in much of a mood to write, but then if I waited for that I would never have gotten any significant writing done these last several years. I was a professional and had a job to finish.

I'm glad to say the skit is done and has been passed on to those who need it. The deadline was this morning and I sent the skit off two days ago via e-mail. There may be some tweaking yet to do, but minor changes are easy to fix. I'm glad I was able to complete my task. Who's to say if I would have finished even if I hadn't been listening to Mr. Inspirational Speaker. More importantly it made me aware of the commitment I had made to others. I don't want to be known as the writer who is pretty good ~ when she feels up to. I'd rather be known as the writer who said she could do the work and then did it in a timely fashion.

I like to think my mom would agree.

Til next time ~

DL Larson


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Thanks, Deb !

Gina said...

Well said DL. We all can apply that way of thinking,someone who is pretty good, when we feel up to it, whatever our role in life. Inspiring! Thanks! We all need that lil nudge once in awhile.