Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's one of those weekends where we're running here, there, and everywhere, so this is going to be short and sweet.

I'm excited for football season to start today. Kick-off is in about 15 minutes. We'll see what our Bears can do this year. So far the predictions aren't so optimistic, but here in Chicago, hope springs eternal.

I'm also going to kick-off a new step in my writing career in the next month. It's my goal to have a synopsis and cover letter ready to send out to Harlequin by the end of the month, and to polish up the submission they'll hopefully (fingers crossed) ask for. This is a new publisher I'm persuing, so it's an exciting, but nerve-wracking change.

So, let the kick-offs begin!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



Deb Larson said...

Agh, yes, da Bears! It is fun to watch them - usually! And what a great goal to have in pursuing Harlequin. Hope we hear good news from you soon!
DL Larson

Debra St. John said...

Me, too!

Morgan Mandel said...

Wishing you good luck with Harlequin, Debra.

As far as the Bears are concerned, I spend my time doing other things when they're playing. I'm a fair weather sports fan and proud of it. (g)

Morgan Mandel