Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

Happy 2010!

I'll have to admit, I'm not much of a resolution person either. But I've read lots of posts this past week about setting goals...and I think that's the way I'm going to go this year.

In my writing life, my goal this year is to finish my WIP. I really should get more specific with that, as in setting a number of pages for each week, etc. But I don't always have consistent time to write. So a broader goal is much more realistic for me. Hopefully it won't take me the whole year, but who knows?

In my personal life, my goal is to continue to exercise on a regular basis. When I first started working out, I was motivated, I was excited, I was eager. Somewhere along the line, those things faded out. So, I still do work out, but it's not quite as much fun as it used to be.

My mom always said that whatever you do on New Years Day will be the things you spend a lot of time doing in the upcoming year. So I packed a whole lot into January 1 this year. I rang in the new year and spent time with family and friends. I worked out. I wrote a little bit. I organized some scrapbook stuff. I cleaned my house. I sat on the couch and watched a movie with my hubby. I took a nap. I read. I made a great dinner.

So, maybe I do have some resolutions after all. Those are the things I really want to accomplish and do more of in the new year.

Until next time,

Happy Reading! (or whatever it is you enjoy most)



Morgan Mandel said...

I want to finish two wips this year. I'm also still on the paper war. I've been going through all the excess paper in the house, which is way too much. Not only that, lots of it makes me sneeze. The recycle people are probably not too happy with me lately, since they're get a lot more work from all the bags of paper out there!

I found a few things I'd forgotten about, so I'll have to keep those.

Morgan Mandel

Debra St. John said...

Good luck on finishing up your two WIPs!

And good for you to be cleaning out stuff.

Deb Larson said...

Sounds like wonderful goals! Today I start tweaking my query to send out. Helen Ginger gave me some wonderful advice and I'm going to try my darnedest to follow it.
Good luck with your WIP.
DL Larson