Monday, January 11, 2010

Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park was a must see when I went to London. Particularly since I have scenes from a historical set there. Here is one of the scenes (Remember this is a VERY rough draft):

Elizabeth sat in the park running her gloved hand over her cat, Saffron.
"Do you think we will ever find him Saffron?” she asked the cat rhetorically.

Saffron opened her mouth and a loud “meow” came out.

“I agree,” Elizabeth sighed.

“Agree with what?” A male voice said from behind her and she felt a lurch of excitement. She had only spent a short time with Lord Clauster and already she recognized his voice.

“Oh, um, nothing, just admiring the weather,” Elizabeth answered as Saffron fidgeted in her lap. “Oh, please be still Saffron,” Elizabeth scolded. “I have no idea what possessed me to bring a cat out to the park,” she said looking at Daniel.

Squatting next to Elizabeth, he reached for the cat. “Here, let me have her, I have an incredible appeal to animals.”

Saffron hissed her response.

“It appears she does not share the same sentiments my lord.” Elizabeth tried, unsuccessfully, to suppress a laugh.

“Apparently not.” Daniel stood and held out his hand. “Come, let’s walk.”

Although she ached for his warm touch she ignored his hand opting instead to use both her hands to firmly hold the cat as she rose from the bench. Daniel took her elbow, sending a quiver up her arm, and led them toward the Serpentine. Elizabeth’s maid followed slowly behind.

“I’m surprised to see you in the park my lord.

“Oh, I frequent the park regularly. I very much enjoy the fresh air, and the scenery.” Daniel’s eyes examined her from head to toe. “Today the scenery seems exceptional.”

I took this pictures thinking it would be a great spot for that scene.

I hope you've enjoyed my pictures from London.

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Debra St. John said...

Hey June,

I didn't know you were writing a historical! Good luck with that!

June said...

Ha, I think we should say "Trying" to write one...We will see what happens!


Deb Larson said...

You've a great start with your WIP! Keep going! And the pictures are wonderful.
DL Larson

June said...

Thanks, DL!


Anonymous said...

Super job..Couldn't do better myself..ha-ha