Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tea at the Chicago Peninsula Hotel by Margot Justes

During the holiday season we do something special, this year it was tea at the Peninsula hotel.

We arrived at the hotel on time, but because the staff was still setting up our table and the kiddies were tired and hungry, I asked the hostess if we could have a couple of pieces of bread to feed said munchkins, she graciously said yes.

We never saw the bread, now she could have said we can’t, it’s not possible, but she said yes and promptly ignored us. We were seated about ten minutes later and I reminded the waiter that we ordered the Peninsula teddy bear for the kids. I asked that it be brought with their order. I was assured it would be. It wasn’t.

I expected the bear to be wrapped up nicely, maybe even just a bow, something to make it a bit more special. Nope. Nothing. It was just handed to them when they were half way done with their meal.

The food was excellent, plentiful and the scones the best I’ve had since England, the presentation was superb. My grandson let out a big ‘Wow’ when he saw his plate. I’m sure everyone in the lobby heard him. He was delighted as was my granddaughter.

But the service was slow, uneven and disappointing, we waited quite a while for a refill on the hot water, and when you’re munching on those delicious finger sandwiches you do want that hot tea to be right there to sip as you munch.

The Peninsula is a 5 star hotel the prices match the rating however the service falls short. If I order a meatloaf at a diner, my expectation is not perfection, not even close however when I’m at a place like the Peninsula, my level of expectation rises a notch or two or three, it is commensurate with the numbers of stars.

I love high tea and have had it all the Chicago downtown hotels that offer it, and by far I have enjoyed the Drake Hotel the best.

Till next Saturday,
Margot Justes
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Morgan Mandel said...

I've never been to high tea. The closest I've come is the special tea they have at the Love is Murder conference.

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

It all comes down to good service, doesn't it?!! I bet you weren't the only group disappointed that day. But sounds as if your grandkids had a great time with you and that's worth remembering!!
DL Larson

Margot Justes said...

DL, yes, it does come down to service, but the kiddies had a great time. Sydney got to drink her favorite herbal red tea in a grown-up cup.
Morgan, I highly recommend the experience at least once. Try the Drake hotel during the holiday season, beautifully decorated and very festive. The decorations at the Peninsula were beautiful.