Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back! by DL Larson

As I think back over 2009, I wonder where the measuring stick of success should be placed. I didn't acquire an agent, I didn't publish a new book, two of my goals for 2009. No wedding or engagement ring for my daughter, no baby announcements from my son and daughter-in-law. No new land to rent for my husband to expand his farming career. The Illinois weather was an experience I don't care to go through again. The two trees we lost in a storm never got replaced. The children's library where I work had to have the floor replaced and we are still in limbo, waiting for concrete to cure and the carpet to arrive. Finding books for patrons has become more like an "I SPY" episode than a visit to the library. To top it off, our pastor of thirteen years has moved to another parish. If I chose, I could wallow over the past year.

If I turn my perspective just a little, a different picture appears. My office is full of boxes that hold manuscripts. I have worked on five books this year, all which are written, they simply need rewording, editing and a tender touch to bring them up to the level I want them to be. I'm proud my brain still functions well enough to keep the plots straight and that I can leave one story for a few weeks while I work on another. Multi-tasking has never been so much fun. During this time, I found a professional editor and feel confident my next book is ready for market. So 2009 was a working year, a transition time to fine tune what needed tweaking.

My daughter is happy, I need to remember that. Whether she gets married in the near future or five years from now is not up to me! Nor is the number of grandbabies I will have. My job is to enjoy being a part of their lives and hand out advice when it is asked for, make an occasional dinner and love them with all my heart.

My husband's career has shifted, not in more land, but in more sales in his seed business. In fact, it has mushroomed and he will undoubtedly need help this spring and summer. It's exciting to be a part of this growing business. Just as it will be to be a part of the team who finds a new pastor for our church. Deciding what we are, where we are going as a congregation will take some thought and planning, but isn't that what all of us should do on occasion? Take stock of what we have accomplished, readjust our goals and then boldly press on?

When I look out my windows to where the two trees stood, I've realized if I plant our new trees further out it will change the looks of the yard. But I like the change. Plus, the new look to the children's library will be awesome! The mold and musty smell is already gone. The fresh carpet is bright and of professional grade and will be a wonderful addition to our library. My high school helper and I made plans to re-arrange the rooms, change things up a bit. This untimely renovation has become an adventure, one we didn't plan on taking, but we will benefit greatly because of it. The kids will be thrilled to see the renovations we've made.

No, I won't be sad to see 2009 leave, it has been an arduous year of trials and tribulations, but I have grown in good ways because of it. I learned I have more endurance for rain than I ever imagined; I know I still want to write and be published; I know family is still the most important thing to me; and I know my actions will make all the difference in what happens in my life.

Happy New Year!

Be safe out there ~

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Morgan Mandel said...

Life gives us knocks, but it's how we handle them that makes the difference, as you've illustrated on your blog.

Sounds like things are looking up and you got a lot accomplished after all.

Now, I have to get my book or two finished in 2010.

Morgan Mandel

Debra St. John said...

What a great spin you put on things! More people should look on the positive side!

Happy New Year...all the best in 2010!

Deb Larson said...

Happy New Year to you gals, too!! Looking for the bright side is one of my life goals! I don't always succeed - but I keep trying!

Let's hope 2010 brings good things to us Acme Authors!

DL Larson

Terry Odell said...

My underlying theme goal for 2009 was to look at the positives. In this business, it can be tough enough, but we also hit some personal snags; hubby's position was eliminated, so he's now retired. We're trying to sell our house and move in a market that sucks. I parted company with my agent, and now have to start from scratch.

But, like the heroine of one of my books, life is to short to dwell on the negatives. And in the grand scheme of things, all my little troubles are just that -- little.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Deb Larson said...

I salute you for being brave enough to make a change - I left my publisher 2 years ago - and you got it - I'm starting over. It was the right thing to do, but it sure feels the opposite sometimes.
Hang in there - this writing career is a journey. The best is yet to come!!!
Happy new year!
DL Larson