Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Decorations by Morgan Mandel

Though I don't really like snow that much because it has a tendency to get in my way, I'm still very partial to snowman decorations. You can tell from these photos. Except for the set with the dog, the rest are from my own house. I use the snowmen because they look cute and cheerful and that's reason enough for me. They were probably made at factories. I do know there's a place not far from my house where pottery classes are taught, but I buy them instead.
Descriptions can be important in manuscripts. Make sure to add enough to give the reader a feel of what the characters are like. From what I've described about my decorations you can tell I'm a busy person who isn't patient or talented enough to attempt making pottery decorations.

Another example is I'm using a small fiber optic tree this year because of our dog, aptly named Rascal, and also because I can't find room in the house anywhere to put a large one. Many choose real trees and go to great lengths to decorate them, matching the ornament colors, using certain types. Some use garlands that look like old-fashioned tinsel. Others actually string popcorn or use real or fake cranberries as garlands. There are tons of variations of how to decorate trees and other Christmas season items.

How a person decorates a tree can hint at if they're nostalgic, modern, a perfectionist, or happy go lucky, busy, or just impatient.  I'm sure there are other decorations that also demonstrate character traits.

So, when you mention a season or holiday, remember to mention details of the decorations and see if you can tie them in somehow with the characters' personalities. 

What about you? What type of decorations do you use and what do they say about you? Or what do your characters use?

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Morgan Mandel


Anonymous said...

Morgan, I use toy soldiers! Hubby is a retired full-bird colonel (and was retired when we married). My toy soldiers honor him and his contribution to our county.

June said...

I love your decorations Morgan. Thanks for sharing!


CA Verstraete said...

I like snowmen too! I have a small mantle that I line with snowmen and a string of lights.
Merry Christmas!

Dana Fredsti said...

Sigh... my lack of decorations says I have 13 cats...

Cheryl said...

What beautiful decorations Morgan. As for me, which tree would you like me to talk about? LOL!

I theme most of my trees, except the two fiber optic ones. Here it goes: all purple, all pink, snowmen, collectibles, homemade ornaments, angels, snowflakes and icicles, and toys.

Almost every room of the house has some sort of decoration in it, whether it be a tree or something else, and each major room has a nativity scene. The dining room is home to my Santas, carolers, and my village, the kitchen has garland and winter flowers, and even the upstairs bathroom and my office received some lights this year.

What does this tell you about me? That I am an over-the-top lover of Christmas and slightly crazy; but that's better that than just plain crazy. LOL!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I'm like Dana, though I only have three inside cats, when we were foolish enough to put up a Christmas tree they thought it was a toy for them. We bought a tiny pre-decorated and lighted tree and taped it to a table. Our other decorations consist of stuffed moose, bears and the like, and Nativity scenes on the mantel.