Monday, December 1, 2008


Finally, I'm home. I worked all day, swam for an hour afterwards, navigated my way through the first storm of the winter, and now it's 9:26 and I just now cracked open my laptop.

Time to write, huh?

Well, maybe, but not my novel-in-progress. I'll write here for a bit, and then it will be bedtime. Which sorta sucks because after some fits and starts, I'm back into my book.

But there are so many other demands on my time. I spent six hours signing books at Borders on Saturday (I don't like to leave until I sell everything ... and there were a lot of browsers ... unusual for Christmas season). After Borders, I did my own shopping until 9:30.

Then Sunday was, well, family and football. I felt I deserved a mind-numbing day of Peyton Manning and my family actually missed me from being gone all day ... weird, huh?

Tomorrow I'm giving a business seminar. I'll bring my books and see if anyone brought any money with them that they'd like to part with.

So when do I write?

Probably not tomorrow night. I'm still trying to get my site set up to accept PayPal, so I can offer autographed books on-line. I finally got an 800 number for them, so maybe tomorrow I'll have the patience to sit on hold for an hour or two before an exasperating, er, exhilarating conversation with some tech.

Then do I get to write?

Well, I really have to make my hotel reservations for LIM in February, and, um we rented a DVD that's due in a couple days. So tomorrow's shot.

How about Wednesday?

Well, you get the point. There's always something. Sometimes carving out writing time is like fighting the rising cost of living.

Anyway, I am excited about my book. I worked my way through some tough parts, and it's fun right now.

... and I can't wait to get back to it.


The Adventures of Guy ... written by a guy (probably)
The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness
The Heat of the Moment (coming Feb. 09)
Fang Face (YA humor/vampire, coming Aug. 09)


Judith Leger said...

LOL! This sounds like my life. Never ending spirals which careen me away from writing. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading.

Morgan Mandel said...

See you at LIM, Norm.
In the meantime, I also need to find time to work on my books.

Morgan Mandel