Monday, December 15, 2008

George W. Bush is not Daffy Duck!

I'm going to miss George W. Bush.


Hey, who threw the shoe at me?!

You have to admit, the President showed he wasn't a lame duck. He was an agile duck. Guess it comes from all that practice ducking responsibility for all of the things he did to hurt our country.

Seriously, though, we haven't had a President this fun to hate since ole' Tricky Dicky Nixon, right?

Now I know that this forum doesn't lend itself to political rantings, and that's not what I'm doing at all. This is all book-related.


For you see, my books are humor ... and they are fantasy ... and they are ridiculous ... and pretty far out there ... but there is a political bent to them. In my second book, The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness, the bad guys are Big Oil. In The Adventures of Guy, the bad guys were attorneys and telemarketers.

Mixed throughout the books are social and political commentary that a few reviewers picked up on, even though I tried to hide my agendas. Hah, I lie, I just tried to be funny.

But politicians are funny ... when they aren't taking money out of our pockets ...


Okay, they aren't funny, because they are taking money out of our pockets.

I digress.

George Bush has a place in my WIP third book in the Adventures of Guy series. My characters, a bunch of college kids, are on a quest to take on Big Oil again, this time by going to its Evil Lair.

Of course, they run into all kinds of evil characters like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the Devil. (The real Devil, not Dick Cheney. I mean, Dick Cheney's in the book, but he's not the Devil. Well, he's a devil, but not the...well, you get it.)

Anyway, when I decided to write a book about Big Oil being the bad guys, I couldn't leave out the two people who did so much to make Oil what it is today, the most insidious, incestuous, evil in the world.

The trick is to do this and put it in a funny story.

Hah, you just watch ... or, um... read.


The Adventures of Guy
The Next Adventures of Guy
The Heat of the Moment
Fang Face (YA humor/vampire, coming Aug 09)

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Anonymous said...

If the shoe fits, you must not acquit. As the shoe flies. The shoe shall set you free. Shoe fies come to mind. All of it reminds me of Shumacher and all the shoes hung in the trees in Wag the Dog.
As always, Norm, love your stuff!