Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Charlotte is a proud 1993 graduate of Florida State University. She is a former teacher who began writing when she was between day jobs. She loves college football, and a good nap when she can get one!

THE MANSFIELD LIGHTHOUSE CATS is a collection of poetry written to appeal to even those readers who don’t pick up a book of poetry very often. Containing poems for all ages, it contains poetry about such diverse topics as love, loneliness, football, and genetic testing. The title of the book comes from the name of the the book’s first poem. The book was recently recognized as the Book of the Year 2007 in the Poetry category by


When I'm writing, I like complete silence. I like to be able to hear my thoughts. I like to write in the morning, when it's quiet, and I'm not tired. I will write during lunch also, but rarely at night--too tired. I'm usually at my desk in my bedroom, the lamp is on, and I'm scribbling away with my favorite Papermate pens in medium blue. I use yellow legal pads mostly, but I like to use pink or blue if I can find them. Colors appeal to me and make me feel happy.

I write everything out longhand first, then I do my edit, and then I type. I'm not a big scribbler, so you won't find any drawings in the margins. When I'm writing, I'm serious! By the time I complete these steps, it's my hope that only minimal editing will be required.

This method is the same regardless of what genre I'm working in at the time. I write poetry, nonfiction, or children's books. I've also written humor articles about the daily drudgery of the office experience, or about relationships.

If I'm good, I might just give myself a break to stretch my stiff muscles and drink some sweet (but not too sweet) tea.

I try to write different things each time. I have many interests and my work is a reflection of that. I enjoy football, humor, helping others, history, true crime stories, and best of all, napping!

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Charlotte said...

Thanks to the hosts for being part of my tour! You are appreciated!

Charlotte Barnes
Author of "The Mansfield Lighthouse Cats"