Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pleasant Memories

We were away for part of the weekend at a friend's lake house. It was wonderful to get away, look up at the stars at night, and sit around a campfire on the deck. But I noticed when I got home, that even after several showers and multiple shampoos, the campfire smell was lingering. Every once in a while, if I turn a certain way, the smokey smell hits me, a pleasant reminder of a relaxing weekend.

A good book is like that. We may finish the story and close the book, but often the characters linger in our minds. Sometimes we wonder what actually happens after the "happily ever after". Something we come across in our day reminds us of a story, or a character, and puts a smile on our face.

Books are powerful tools. They can transport us to magical places. We can live out fantasies through their pages. And the really good ones never really leave us. They linger in a very pleasant way.

Until next time,


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Morgan Mandel said...

It's funny how smells can remind you of things - good or bad. Glad you had such a good time. You'll need lots of rest. You've got lots of work to do as a debut author!
Morgan Mandel