Monday, March 26, 2007


Hi folks,

We've got a great group together and very soon this blog will be up and running.

Our authors write mystery, romance and humor, so there'll be something here for everyone.

We don't have the rotation fixed yet, but you can look forward to posts from Robert (Rob) Walker, Norm Cowie, Margot Justes, Deb Larson, Todd & Terri Stone and myself (Morgan Mandel). We may also add an additional author or two from time to time for variation.

Until then,
All the best,
Morgan Mandel

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Holly Hook said...

I have started a new blog, Bargain eBooks, and am hoping to trade links with you. Bargain eBooks accepts submissions from authors of books under $5.00 and features a new book every 24 hours. In its first week it has averaged 100 paveviews per day and gained over 30 followers.

If you're interested, my blog link is: